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Smart Snacking Tips

Smart Snacking Tips

Snacking is a big part of the North American diet. Studies have found that 57% of participants snack once a day and another 31% do it a couple of times a week. That means you’re in good company. The popularity of the mid-morning, mid-afternoon or pre- or post-workout refueling has led to a boom in healthy and convenient options. Let’s review some useful tips for when reaching for your next snack.

A snack should satisfy hunger, provide the energy to sustain concentration at a deep level and improve stamina. And it needs to be delicious!

Like our three daily meals, snacks should contain real quality ingredients like protein, fruit and vegetables. To get a pleasant feeling of fullness and avoid spikes in blood sugar, choose snacks high in protein and fibre and stick to eating between 150 and 300 calories. But if hunger strikes more often, before reaching for another snack, ensure you’re taking in enough water and nutrients and calories at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before reaching for something to eat, try tuning into what the body needs. Could you be bored or looking for a distraction during a stressful day? In some cases, a short, brisk walk or listening to a 15-minute relaxation meditation might be a better solution.

A sure sign of a healthy on-the-go snack is a small list of recognizable ingredients. Protein from nuts like cashews and super seeds like chia are high in fibre, contain essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium, all of which are good for heart health. Zero-calorie sugar substitutes, like erythritol, keep blood sugars level. One ingredient you may not know but is worthy of being on the wholesome ingredients list is inulin—a soluble plant fibre that acts like a prebiotic, feeding good bacteria in the gut—is used to boost fibre. Natural preservatives like rosemary extract are replacing some lengthy lists of chemical additives so snack lovers can rejoice!

On the way to a spin class, craving dessert or on a tight deadline at work, it’s a relief to have convenient and nourishing snack options from brands like GOOD TO GO. GOOD TO GO delivers low sugar (2g or less), low net carb (6g or less) snacks that taste great, so there is no compromise! All their products are keto-certified, gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO project verified, peanut-free, and vegan! As a B-corp and 1% for the Planet member, GOOD TO GO is good for you and the planet. For every sale made, 1% of the revenue goes to conserving the planet.

GOOD TO GO soft baked bars come in 8 delicious, mouth-watering flavours like Blueberry Cashew and Double Chocolate. With a cake/cookie-like texture, not found in most snack bars, these won’t melt and even taste great warmed up. They are low in sugar, high in fibre and rich in plant-based fats thanks to its almond flour base so that you can feel good about your snacking choices. Each bar contains 6 g of protein and are only 160 calories.

What about savoury cravings? GOOD TO GO recently launched the first EVER Savoury Nut & Seed Bites made with only simple, premium, organic ingredients including a deluxe assortment of nuts, super seeds, and a dash of sea salt. No sugar or sweeteners are used, but they are packed with flavour and will keep you full! Available in four delicious flavours, including Zesty Pecan, Almond & Sea Salt, Herb & Garlic, and Everything.

GOOD TO GO also just launched two exciting additions to their line up: Grain-Free Granola & Cake in a cup! Granola’s a great breakfast, snack option enjoyed straight out of the bag, with milk, yogurt, or even use as a garnish for your desserts. Their new fluffy Cake in a Cup just requires adding water and microwaving for a minute which will make you wonder who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Reminder low in sugar and low net carb should still taste great!

So, with all these great, convenient snacking options, it’s no wonder snacking is on the rise.


GOOD TO GO Soft Baked Bars