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How to Boost Energy and Reduce Fatigue

How to Boost Energy and Reduce Fatigue

There is a myth that an individual can’t control or change the mitochondria they were born with. There once was a common misconception that if the women in our family died at a certain age, so too it is destined for us. The basis for this being that mitochondria is inherited through the maternal line. It was long thought that if your mother lived a healthy, long life, you would too. Conversely, if your lineage was littered with illness and people dying young, your fate was sewn up.

But don’t lose heart! As cellular structures continue to be studied, there is actually some good news for everyone, especially those with family histories of certain cancers, diabetes, or heart disease. We can in fact improve the health of our mitochondria! We no longer have to make any assumptions about our longevity based on that of our ancestors.

Mitochondria are responsible for generating the energy needed to power our cells. They are most often referred to as the powerhouse of the cells, and they help maintain healthy cardiovascular, brain, and muscle function. Think of mitochondria like turbines – they are one of the primary producers of energy that every cell in the body needs to function. When our mitochondria are functioning well, we will have an overall feeling of wellness and energy, while pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, can affect mitochondrial function.

Natural Factors regenerLife™ mitochondrial optimization formula is a great supplement to take to support overall mitochondrial health. It increases mitochondrial energy to boost energy production at the cellular level. It is formulated with powerful, targeted nutritional compounds shown to optimize mitochondrial function and antioxidant defence. RegenerLife contains clinically relevant levels of CoQ10 and acetyl-L-carnitine, plus ElevATP™, a proprietary source of sustainably made ancient peat and apple extracts, to help increase energy production at a cellular level. Extramel® is a concentrated source of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase that sustains the body’s endogenous antioxidant defence system, and Opitac® L-glutathione promotes redox balance in cells.

These great ingredients all team up to help reduce the symptoms of perceived stress, such as pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, and overall reduced quality of life. Instead, they help maintain cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and brain function as well as assist in reducing symptoms of fatigue.

The good news is that we can supplement with regenerLife to increase or maintain an overall feeling of wellness. At the same time, there are ways we can naturally boost our mitochondria to enhance positive results. Eating fewer calories, especially refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and overprocessed foods, sugar-laden snacks, and sodas are positive steps you can take to achieve healthier mitochondria. Also, eating quality sources of protein such as grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chickens and eggs, as well as including sources of omega-3 fatty acids, are beneficial steps to achieving and maintaining good health at the cellular level.

The natural watermelon-flavoured drink mix is lightly sweetened with stevia and has a delicious taste. It is a great choice for anyone who is concerned about possible age- or health-related decline in mitochondrial function and would perfectly complement a balanced lifestyle along with positive lifestyle choices, a balanced diet, and moderate exercise.

RegenerLife is also ideal for individuals who are concerned about exposure to toxins, or for those who would like a boost of strength and power during periods of intense physical activity such as cardio or high-intensity workouts, but without any added stimulants.

So, whether you are currently concerned about your cellular health or worry about how healthily you might age, Natural Factors regenerLife may be the supplement for you. The recommended dose is one scoop daily in a glass of water to be taken with food.

Natural Factors regenerLife

About the Author: Natural Factors


Natural Factors is a Canadian family-owned business operating for more than 50 years, providing a wide range of products exclusively to the health food industry. Factors Farms, located south of Armstrong, BC, is a certified-organic farmland that gives Natural Factors complete control over securing the best quality raw materials possible.