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What is Manuka Honey?

What is Manuka Honey?

In the pristine mountains of New Zealand, you’ll hear the hum of a nation’s hardest-working production team: millions of small-but-mighty honey bees with a hankering for nectar from New Zealand’s indigenous Manuka flower. With blush pink and flashy fuchsia blossoms that appear less than 6 weeks out of every year, the scrubby Manuka busy is a crucial piece in the unique process that bees carry out within the hive.

Every year, honeybees have only 1 to 2 months to taste sweet Manuka nectar before the blossoming season ends for the Manuka plant. This short window of opportunity makes raw Manuka honey a rare and precious gift.

Over the course of a healthy lifespan, a single honeybee will actually make only one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey after visiting 50 to 100 (or more!) flowers on a typical day of foraging. To produce just one pound of raw honey, a healthy colony of bees may collectively log over 90,000 miles–nearly three full trips around Mother Earth.

Bees forage free-range-style & feast on the nectar of wild Manuka blossoms. Slight colour variations in honey reflect New Zealand herself, with each harvest telling the authentic story of a year’s rain, sunlight, wind & snow.

To reduce honeybee stress, beekeepers extract raw comb from each hive as swiftly & stealthily as possible. A portion of honey is always left untouched to help the bees ward off hunger pangs during the chilly New Zealand winter.

Such intense work requires ample nourishment, stress management and plenty of sleep. Wedderspoon’s Master Beekeepers are proud to raise strong colonies who enjoy the freedom to roam the South Island hills. In these remote locations, there are no fumes or noise from nearby highways to pollute the buffet of wild nectar and pollen that Wedderspoon bees feast on.

From our shore to your door, Wedderspoon raw Manuka honey is protected from rigorous travel & harsh light by our opaque, BPA-free jars (made by a family-owned, fellow New Zealand company). When you’re ready for a wellness boost, keep the natural enzymes & chemical compounds alive by adding raw Manuka to cold or warm (not boiling) drinks & foods. Or enjoy it straight from the spoon. Check out our favourite ways to use Manuka honey below!

  • Pamper yourself from the inside out with this rare superfood honey exclusively from New Zealand most often used to boost the immune system and so much more.
  • Get that morning glow by using it in your daily beauty rituals like facial masks or DIY scrubs.
  • Have a healthful energy boost right off the teaspoon before, during, and after workouts – without the crash.
  • Nourish your body and taste-buds with something that is as special and sweet as you are.

Wedderspoon Story
Our passion for holistic health is rooted in the rolling hills of New Zealand, where every flavourful drop of Wedderspoon Manuka honey is born. A champion of holistic wellness since 2005, the Wedderspoon brand is dedicated to sharing the inherent superfood benefits of authentic New Zealand Manuka honey with consumers worldwide.

Wedderspoon trusts in the brilliance of our hardworking honeybees to make the world’s most pure and powerful Manuka honey. And we believe that this rare superfood reaches peak perfection while still in the hands of Mother Nature, holding a wealth of rich flavour, living enzymes & complex chemical compounds. Between our hives and your home, we strive to maintain this intricate ecosystem through every step of our unique process, blending the best of traditional technique and food safety innovation to protect the inherent broad spectrum benefits of raw Manuka honey.

Wedderspoon showcases Manuka honey’s benefits in all of their premium-quality products – from raw Manuka honey in a jar, to Organic Manuka Honey drops, to Manuka Honey skincare, and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey