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Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt: Energy, Focus and Balance for The Start of the Year

Now that we have all set our goals and prepared ourselves mentally for a brand new year, and a brand new start… we’d love to have all the energy and readiness to go along with that. A lot of people find that after the busyness of the holidays, or just the added stresses of the last year, they are a little drained and fatigued.

Here are my tips to get yourself feeling recharged, refreshed, and full of energy and optimism for the year ahead… and the NOW!

1. Go Easy on Yourself

At first this sounds like counterintuitive advice to becoming the most productive and vibrant you ever… but we have to remember, that if the body is tired, it’s telling us what it needs to get back to optimal. Rather than watch an extra episode, go to bed 30 to 45 minutes earlier. Allow yourself to take a quick power nap, just by closing your eyes and resting for 20 to 30 minutes, halfway through the day. Cancel unnecessary obligations and get focused on where you want to put your energy. And ask yourself this: ‘is this activity taking me closer to, or further away from my goals?’ Only make time and energy for the things that are genuinely forwarding your health and your happiness and moving you closer to your dreams.

2. Get Moving

One of the best ways to give yourself more energy, is to get some movement and exercise in. Even if you don’t go to the gym, take yourself for a good power walk, deeply breathing the whole time. In your living room, you can stretch and do some squats and sit ups. The focus need not be on getting in amazing shape (although that’s a nice side effect!), but rather just simply on getting your blood flowing and energizing your mind. When we move and exercise, we breathe deeply, oxygenate our bodies, move stress hormones out, and activate feel-good hormones like serotonin. Also, with a bit exercise every day, you will sleep better at night and wake up the next day refreshed.

3. Eat Foods That Are Healing, Rather Than the Ones That Drag You Down

It’s very common in the winter to want to reach for more cookies and bread. And while these are fine in small doses, what the body needs is more pure water to drink, and more vegetables and fruits. I like to make myself a big veggie stew! You can add meat if you like, but make sure you’re throwing in cabbage and potatoes, carrots, celery, kale, and any other veggies that you fancy. I also recently bought a juicer, and I juice myself celery with cucumber and tomato. I add some salt and lemon…and it’s absolutely delicious. In fact, I’ve come to crave it, and noticed I have much more energy when I have my daily juice.

Reach for fruits like apples and watermelon when you’re craving something sweet. All these foods have antioxidants and vitamins, and high water content to keep us hydrated. We must eat a lot of foods that contain water, or else our bodies tend to get sluggish. Rather than start the day with coffee, sugar and milk, try a green tea to perk yourself up with a nut milk and some raw honey for immune boosting and energy.

4. All About the Supplements!

Especially in winter, I find it’s really important to enhance my body, mind and diet with some good quality supplements. My favorites are the ones that boost my immune system, give me energy, and help me feel relaxed when it’s time to sleep. One key vitamin that I’ve incorporated and feel so much more energized with is vitamin B complex. I thought I was just lazy, or getting older, because I had so little energy… But when I started taking a B complex, I regained that bounce in my step, stamina enough for a longer days, and just felt more positive and optimistic. I love Health First’s Active B Supreme. The methylation process makes the vitamins much easier to absorb. Plus, quality is everything when it comes to vitamins… if we just buy any old thing, and the body can’t absorb it, then it’s a waste of money and actually a little bit hard on our systems. Which is why I love Health First! It’s a Canadian-made brand of the highest quality and integrity. I also make sure I take echinacea and vitamin C to boost my immune system. And then in the evenings I take Health First’s Stress Release Supreme because it gives me a calm focus and helps me rest more deeply.

So don’t be hard on yourself if you find you don’t have as much energy as you used to! With just a few little tweaks, and by being good to yourself, you can get your energy and focus back up – and enjoy each and every moment.


About the Author: Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt is an acclaimed Canadian film and television actress. She is also a mom, a wellness expert and meditation coach. Sitara has studied herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energy healing and crystal healing. She is an avid believer in taking care of her health naturally, shopping locally and supporting small businesses.