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Create beautiful, healthy hair from within

Your hair tells an important story. It tells a story about your overall health and nutritional status. Healthy, shiny hair is one indication of vibrant physical health, while thinning, brittle, dull and lifeless hair tells an entirely different story.

While you may think that your nutrient intake is adequate, the fact is that even suboptimal levels of specific nutritional factors make a noticeable difference to the health and appearance of your hair and scalp. Recent studies have revealed that many North Americans are chronically deficient in several of the major nutrients that promote healthy hair.

In addition to general nutritional status, stress, illness and hormone-related metabolic factors impact significantly on hair health. Aging, environmental sensitivities, medications (especially birth control pills) and recreational drug and alcohol use also influence the healthy look and feel of hair.

It may be difficult to determine the exact cause of deteriorating hair health, but one thing is certain: you’ll improve the health of your hair by improving nutritional intake.

Nutrient synergy for healthy, strong hair
Just as our bodies need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health, there are specific nutrients required to sustain and support hair health and growth.

Prairie Naturals Hair Force™ soft gel capsules synergistically combine 22 natural nutrients recognized for their role in restoring, healing and nourishing hair.

The combined effect of these vitamins, minerals and nutrient co-factors directly counteracts the hair-damaging negatives caused by stress, illness, hormonal imbalances and other health and environmental concerns.

15 common health reasons your hair loves Hair-Force™
1. Stress
2. Illness
3. Insulin resistance/diabetes
4. Menopause
5. Andropause
6. Pregnancy
7. Suboptimal nutrient intake
8. Low thyroid
9. Environmental sensitivities
10. Medications
11. Oral contraceptives
12. Post-natal hormonal fluctuations
13. Metabolic syndrome
14. Aging
15. Drug and alcohol abuse

Loving your hair!
Prairie Naturals Hair Force™ is the ideal nutrient companion to the extensive line of Prairie Naturals natural-base shampoos and conditioners. While Hair Force™ nourishes your hair from within our natural hair care products cleanse and condition your hair topically. Check out Prairie Naturals lineup of natural shampoos and conditioners and live the healthy life!


About the Author: Prairie Naturals Team


Prairie Naturals is a privately owned, Canadian family business headquartered near Vancouver, BC, Canada whose core business is the research, development, marketing and distribution of more than 150 premium quality nutritional supplements, natural hair and natural body care products. Prairie Naturals makes products designed to help you “Live the Healthy Life”. Learn more a