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2a-now-essential-oils-blEssential Oils for Your Valentine

The use of essential oils (EOs) in traditional healing can be traced as far back as 5000 BC.

Ancient Egyptians were masters in the therapeutic application of essential oils. Even in romance their use of a few significant essential oils is well documented. It is said that Cleopatra lured Anthony to her bed using roses and rose oil.

How is it that an essential oil can make you feel amorous?  It turns out that it is simply a matter of chemistry. Essential oils are the lifeblood of a plant, tree, flower, root or fruit.  In plants these volatile oils and their chemical constituents act as immune support, protective agents and yes even for romance. The beautiful essence that a plant may emit lures the mighty bumble bee to its flowers for pollination.  In humans, they offer similar benefits, helping to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Our sense of smell (the olfactory system) is connected to the brain (limbic system) and it is in this part of the brain where the powerful constituents in every essential oil can influence our thoughts, mood and memory as well as controlling the autonomic nervous system which controls bodily functions that are not consciously directed, such as respiratory function, heartbeat, digestion and yes; sexual arousal..  The limbic system houses the master gland called the hypothalamus, different essential oils trigger the hypothalamus to command other glands to produce all types of hormones and this is where romance can come into play, particularly if we pick the essential oils that turn on our emotional and physical reactions.

It is said that any essential oil that puts us in a relaxed state may help to work as an aphrodisiac however there are specific oils that stand out as leaders in creating the perfect environment.

Rose Oil –   is often connected with love, romance and forgiveness and it is said that it can warm the coldest of hearts. In Ayurvedic Medicine Rose oil is known to benefit the heart chakra which is responsible for unconditional love. Studies show that it has vasodilation properties supporting circulation and studies show that effective circulation is helpful in promoting romance.

Sandalwood – the scent and chemical effects of sandalwood are similar to those of human pheromones; pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body impacting the behaviour of the receiving individual.  It is often said that we choose our mates based on the scent of their pheromones

Patchouli – it is said to stimulate hormone production such as testosterone and estrogen as well as endocrine hormones reducing fight or flight response and relaxing the body from head to toe.

Essential Oil Applications

The application of EOs is most effective when the oils are inhaled from a diffuser or applied topically after mixing with a carrier oil (e.g. almond, jojoba, grapeseed, etc.). Through passive inhalation, the scent will travel to the brain’s limbic system helping to create the mood and relax the body.

One of the most efficient applications of any essential oil is through natural skin penetration. As essential oils are extremely concentrated; it is always recommended that any topical application of these volatile oils be in conjunction with carrier oils. In creating romance, topical application of these beautiful scents will ultimately help to foster the mood.

For safety a 3% ratio of essential oil over carrier oil is the strongest dilution recommended for one application however for spot treatment (small amounts of the formula used a number of times), a 5% solution may be used.

  • In 30mls carrier oil
    • 1% solution = 6 drops EO
    • 2% solution = 12 drops EO
    • 3% solution = 18 drops EO
    • 5% solution =  30 drops EO –  spot treatment only – small amount applied to effected area
  • When using essential oils that are diluted at the time of manufacturing (often the case with more expensive oils like rose oil and sandalwood), using a 5% solution for one treatment or one massage is very safe, keeping in mind that the fewest amount of drops would be the essential oil that was not diluted with a carrier oil at the time of manufacturing.
    • Rose absolute (diluted by manufacturer) – 6 – 12 drops
    • Sandalwood – (diluted by manufacturer) – 8-12 drops
    • Patchouli – 4 – 6 drops

Rose Absolute, Sandalwood and Patchouli Oil in 30 ml of Jojoba Oil may help to create a Valentine’s Day to remember.

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Marva Ward CNP 

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