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Sitara's Gut Health Tips for Starting 2023 Off Right

Sitara’s Gut Health Tips for Starting The Year Off Right

I love finding ways to enhance several areas of my health – all at once! In our family, we are never without our probiotics. I have found that my digestion is so much better, my tummy’s flat and not bloated, my skin’s clearer, my son’s immune system stronger, and his sneezy allergies have gone away. The more I have learned about probiotics, the more I have realized just how many areas of our health they impact. Now, not all probiotics are created equal. It’s essential to find one with multiple strains of probiotics, ones that are still vital and living and in their effective doses, plus free from unnecessary fillers like corn, dairy and GMOs.

One of the fascinating things about gut health is how it’s been found to affect our mood! The gut is known as the second brain… because when it’s in good balance, our minds work better, and our moods are uplifted. I have definitely noticed that when I’m eating processed foods and not taking my probiotics, I am not as positive or energized. When my gut health is supported and balanced, I seem to have a clearer mind, more energy and more access to positive thinking.

When clients come to me with allergies or skin issues, I often recommend a probiotic. It clears up many issues at the root! When our good gut flora is low, yeasts and fungus can take over, resulting in sluggish digestion, gas, allergies, and itchiness. For women who experience frequent yeast infections, a probiotic is essential and may be needed for a few months to balance the body’s flora.

I discovered Health First’s ProBio Supreme after my son had taken a course of antibiotics and we needed to replenish his system with good bacteria fast. ProBio Supreme worked quickly, his tummy felt better, and his energy returned! So I started taking it regularly too. ProBio Supreme is safe for everyone 12 years and older, but if your kids have trouble swallowing capsules, a little secret is to open the capsule and sprinkle the powder into their hands. My son thinks ProBio Supreme is delicious and actually asks for it!

My other favourite thing about Health First products is that they are Canadian-made and distributed through small, independent businesses across Canada, and I love supporting Canadian communities and buying more locally!



About the Author: Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt is an acclaimed Canadian film and television actress. She is also a mom, a wellness expert and meditation coach. Sitara has studied herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energy healing and crystal healing. She is an avid believer in taking care of her health naturally, shopping locally and supporting small businesses.