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victoria day

Victoria Day Weekend Hours:

Saturday May 19: Open

Sunday May 20 & Monday May 21: Closed

Tuesday May 22: Open

Welcome back Danielle and welcome Dr. Noelle! 

Danielle BIE NutritionDanielle is home from her amazing missionary trip to Africa! She is back helping people through nutritional consults and BIE consults. Danielle is at Inside U Woodstock on Wednesdays. To click here to book an appointment with Danielle. For more information about Danielle please click here.

Dr Noelle Naturopath Woodstock NorwichWelcome Dr. Noelle, our new naturopathic doctor! Dr. Noelle is excited to be working with people who have fibromyalgia & chronic pain, chronic fatigue (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and pediatric mental health. She is at Inside U Woodstock on Mondays and Tuesdays and Inside U Norwich on Thursdays and Friday. To click here to book an appointment with Dr. Noelle. For more information about Dr. Noelle please click here.

-Dr. Jaclyn ND is still here and accepting clients at Inside U Norwich on Mondays and Tuesdays and at Inside U Woodstock Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays.

Get your Bentum Family CSA box!

Registration for 2018 season CSA is happening now! For more information please click here: Bentum Family Farm


Senior's Day

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