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Snacks your gut will love!

Finally declaring your gluten sensitivity can feel like freedom! Finally you’re free from whatever symptoms were holding you back from living your life. When the symptoms disappear, you can get on to living your happiest and healthiest life – and enjoy the renewed freedom of loving how you feel every day.

But freedom from symptoms comes with a price. It’s not as easy to find healthy and wholesome snacks, especially when you’re running around town or travelling somewhere new. Eating well requires being prepared – ensuring that veggies are prepped and chopped, hummus is made, and fresh fruit is on hand. For a busy person, this isn’t always possible, and finding a healthy gluten-free snack on the go can make you feel more trapped than free. Plus, finding a wholesome snack can be even harder when you’re travelling to a new place.

All Roads Lead Back to the Gut
Food sensitivities start in the gut. That’s because 70% of your immune system lives in your gut! Your digestive system is in charge of turning the food that you put into your body into the nutrients that your body needs to function at its best. Because the tissue in the gut is so thin (just one thin layer of cells), it is susceptible to wear and tear that can lead to inflammation and more serious damage. This is usually when allergies and sensitivities develop.

Snacks Your Gut Will Love
To prevent allergies from occurring in the first place, or to help to heal the gut from an allergy or a sensitivity, look no further than fermented foods! Fermented foods help to strengthen gut health and feed friendly bacteria.

Some of the best-known fermented foods are yogurt, kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut – foods that are undoubtedly gut-friendly, but can be hard to snack on, especially when you’re on the go.

More convenient than sauerkraut, Genuine Health’s line of fermented protein bars provide the benefits of fermented foods in a convenient and delicious bar format! Plus, at 15 grams of highly absorbable protein per bar, Genuine Health’s fermented bars are filling, and keep your energy up for any activity.

Available in both fermented vegan and fermented Greek yogurt, and in flavours ranging from fruit and nut to rich chocolate, there’s a delicious fermented protein bar for everyone!

fermented vegan proteins+ bars available in:
• Dark Chocolate Almond
• Double Chocolate Chip
• Lemon Coconut
• Peanut Butter Chocolate

fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars available in:
• Blueberry Cashew
• Cherry Almond Vanilla
• Cinnamon Pecan
• Pineapple Coconut

Buy Genuine Health fermented proteins+ bars and keep them stocked so you’ll have gut-friendly options – so you can enjoy complete freedom.