All of the parts of your body work as a team. When one part is not well, it affects the whole body. Get Your Guide to Whole Body Health!
What is the key to feeling your best? Whole body health! To help you be the best you can be, here is Your Guide to Whole Body Health.

Bones & Joints
“The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone,” teaches a popular preschool song.  Keep em’ strong. Exercise and nourish your bones to achieve whole body health.
Key Nutrients: Vitamin D, curcumin, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, protein, omega-3s, glucosamine.
Key Foods: Curry, yogurt, tuna, nuts, protein and greens powders.

The brain is not just responsible for keeping memories safe. It affects your whole body from digestion to your mood! It’s smart to put a little focus on brain health.
Key Nutrients: Omega-3s, green tea extract, Ginkgo biloba, antioxidants, probiotics, phosphatidylserine.
Key Foods: Blueberries, red wine, chocolate, green tea, fish, seeds (chia, flax, hemp) and nuts.

Got a gut feeling? Your gut can rule your emotions, energy level and influence your immune system. Good gut health is key to whole body health.
Key Nutrients: Probiotics, omega-3s, milk thistle (liver detox).
Key Foods: Fermented foods (yogurt, kimchi, kombucha), nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit.

Responsible for circulating nutrients everywhere our hearts could use a little love. It takes a beating when we are sedentary, or eat processed and fatty foods.
Key Nutrients: Omega-3s, magnesium, L-arginine and Co-Q10.
Key Foods: Fish, berries, citrus, nuts and seeds (chia, flax, hemp).

Men’s & Women’s Health
A dark horse that sneaks up on all of us; hormones can put your whole body in a tailspin. Balance your hormones: avoid environmental hormones and nourish yourself.
Key Nutrients: Maca, iron, protein, black cohosh, saw palmetto, antioxidants.
Key Foods: Organic and Non-GMO produce, hormone-free animal products, non-BPA containing containers, chemical-free cosmetics.