11c-renewlife-rapidcleanse-enCleansing is not something on a lot of people’s minds this time of year. We are thinking of holidays and the long Canadian winter ahead. In the winter we often don’t eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables, drink enough water or get enough fresh air; all things that help us naturally cleanse our body. Toxins are all around us regardless of the season so what can we do it counter them?

It seems that the only escape would be living in a bubble but alas, that is not realistic! This winter, try making small changes in your daily routine that help to lessen the toxic load you are facing or help your body effectively deal with it. Here are 5 simple, yet effective, daily changes that make a big difference.

  1. Bring the outside IN by adding plants to your home or workplace. Spider plants, aloe, Gerber daisies and chrysanthemum plants filter toxins from the air and add oxygen to indoor air.
  2. Saunas, Epson salt baths and exercise are great for sweating out unwanted toxins (and staying toasty warm!). The skin is the largest organ of your body because of its size and area. If fact, the skin actually eliminates more cellular waste than the colon and kidneys combined. Getting your daily sweat on is one of the best things you can do to detoxify.
  3. Now that we know that the skin is your largest organ of elimination, perhaps it is time to consider what you put on it. The shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, body lotion, make-up and other beauty products that you may use every single day are one of the largest sources of toxic exposure. Check out the Skin Deep database which shows you what is hidden your beauty products and their risk factor.  http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/.
  4. It may not be sexy but one of the best things you can do for your health is up your fibre intake.  While it is recommended to consume 35 grams of fibre per day for optimal health, the average person in Canada gets less than 15 grams! Over time, a diet low in fibre can lead to a build-up of undigested food in the intestinal tract and colon which ferments, putrefies and becomes toxic. These toxins seep into the bloodstream and lead to poor health and chronic disease. Fibre is like a sponge that scrubs the intestinal tract clean and absorbs the toxins within. Be especially aware of your fibre intake during the winter months when we tend not to eat as many fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, sweet potatoes, legumes and root vegetables are all great sources!
  1. Consider performing a cleansing program 2-4 times per year. Herbal or nutritional cleansing helps to support the body’s natural detoxification methods. Many people steer clear of cleansing because they believe it requires juice fasting or strict diets. Rapid Cleanse by Renew Life offers a total body cleansing program that does not require major lifestyle changes. It also has a daily fibre supplement to help you achieve tip #4! Many report improved digestion and elimination, increased energy and fewer aches and pains after performing 7 day Rapid Cleanse.

Don’t wait until the spring thaw to do your own internal spring cleaning. Stay on track with your health through eating well, sweating more and cleansing your body this winter!