4a-progressive-multivitamins-150-blSpring is finally here, and with it comes the excitement of getting active again. As you think about all the ways to get more fresh air, don’t forget about adding the right nutritional support. It starts with simple insurance, but a well-chosen formula can do much more than you may realize.

Simple Insurance
A multivitamin is like a nutritional insurance policy. It ensures your body has the minimum amount of vitamins and minerals needed to prevent deficiencies. This can be helpful for those of us who, despite our best efforts, make poor diet choices leaving our bodies lacking certain nutrients.

There may be more of us than we think who don’t get what we need from the foods in our diets. An ongoing study, called the ‘Sister Study’, the women (35-74 years of age) who were taking a multivitamin were getting more than 50% of their daily intake of key antioxidants (including vitamin C, D, B6, B12, iron and zinc) from their supplements.

Offering More than Basic Coverage
Countless studies over the past few decades have noted health benefits associated with taking a multivitamin. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported in 2009 that taking a multivitamin was associated with better telomere length (a biomarker of aging) in women. Telomere length helps prevent mistakes in DNA when new cells are made. According to the ‘Sister Study’, women who use multivitamins daily had on average 5.1% greater telomeres length compared to nonusers.

Active People Need Extra Nutrients
A basic multivitamin offers plenty of health benefits, but if you live an active or high-stress life, then you need more protection. Exercise is important for healthy muscle, energy, bones, brain and heart function, but it also increases the need for additional nutrition to help you recover and stay at your best.

Progressive MultiVitamins for Active Men and Active Women, for example, are gender specific and have the ingredients you need to keep moving. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

1) Antioxidants – Free radicals cause damage to healthy body parts, including ribosomes (the part of your cell that makes energy) and your joints. Antioxidants help to neutralize them so they stop their attack.

2) B Vitamins – Energy production requires B Vitamins, which are necessary for your body to convert fat, carbohydrate and protein into energy.

3) Calcium – This mineral is used every time a muscle contracts, and is a key component of bone structure.

4) Iron – The true driver of energy is oxygen. To get oxygen from the lungs to where it’s needed, it is carried in the blood by iron-containing proteins called hemoglobin.

5) Magnesium – a mineral needed for healthy bones and energy. Low levels of magnesium in your diet can cause your body to expend more energy to perform exercise.

MultiVitamins for an Active Spring
For all these reasons and more, consider adding a high quality multivitamin to your life, such as Progressive MultiVitamins for Active Men or for Active Women. These formulas start with daily protection, but goes well beyond by providing the key nutrients you need to stay active and live younger.