5a-wes-protein-bars-blThere are dozens of energy bars to choose from, but how do you know which one is the best for you? Inside, discover the essential elements of a health-promoting snack bar, and the latest innovations in on-the-go nutrition.

As our lives have become busier, more North Americans have begun reaching for nutritious convenience foods and snacks to suit their hectic schedules. Energy and nutrition bars have exploded in popularity during the last decade – it’s a nearly $100 million dollar industry in Canada, while in the US sales have doubled since 2005, from $565 million to $1.2 billon.

Companies are creating products to meet the demand, but as our choices increase, so does our confusion – especially when many brands are dressing up unwholesome products with healthy claims and marketing slogans. Consumers have come to believe that energy bars are always a nutritious choice, but in many cases, these bars are crammed with added sugars, artificial sweeteners, extra calories and preservatives or chemicals, making them not much better than a chocolate bar.

Fortunately, it is possible to combine convenience and good quality nutrition in an energy bar. A terrific nutrition bar will contain good sources of protein, fat, complex carbohydrates and fibre – which satisfies hunger and balances our blood sugar – along with a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support our health.
The Next Generation of On-The-Go Nutrition

The Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Vegan Greens Protein Bar by Natural Factors is the whole food answer to on-the-go nutrition. It is nutritionally robust, packed with easy-to-digest plant-based protein, green superfoods, antioxidant and fibre-rich berries, and it’s naturally sweetened.

The Pure Food Vegan Greens Protein Bar offers a full complement of the three major macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein, and fat – as well as a spectrum of other important vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. But don’t worry, it doesn’t sacrifice one bit on flavour. This convenient, deliciously satisfying bar is covered in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

A Wide Range of Health-Promoting Ingredients
The team at Natural Factors has worked to create a great-tasting nutrition bar with benefits that are based on science. Some of the superior ingredients in the Pure Food Vegan Greens Protein Bar include:
• 15 gof high-quality vegan protein from brown rice, buckwheat, peanut butter, and chia. Protein is not only important for muscle recovery after a workout, but it also plays a crucial role in many vital bodily functions, such as digestion, immunity, growth, tissue repair, hormone production, and more. For vegetarians or vegans, it can be a challenge to consume enough protein – and the blend in this product helps boost protein intake without animal products, plus it’s easy to digest.
• A greens superfood blend of wheatgrass and barley grass juice, spirulina, and broccoli sprouts. These nutrients are known for their mineral-rich and alkalizing effects on the body. The combination of green foods and plant-based protein is also a convenient way to support overall good health.
• Natural sweeteners such as dates, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. These sweeteners offer a boost of fibre, a payload of antioxidants, and a fruity flavour.
• Dark chocolate. Who doesn’t love something that is covered in chocolate? This ingredient not only adds a delicious flavour, but it is also rich in antioxidants and magnesium, a natural relaxant. The dark chocolate in the Vegan Greens bar is naturally sweetened with inulin, a prebiotic fibre, stevia, natural orange flavour, organic cane sugar and lycii berry extract.

The Vegan Greens bar is also 80% raw and 100% organic, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO. Quality isn’t just a matter of obtaining the necessary nutrients – raw, whole food sources are more readily available for our bodies to absorb, assimilate and use.

The Pure Food Vegan Greens Protein Bar is a great-tasting green superfood designed to fuel your life and satisfy your hunger. You can reach for one the next time you’re ready for a snack with confidence you are receiving the very best nutrition that nature has to offer.