1c-trophic-kids-omega-engTrophic’s KID’s MEGA OMEGA was formulated specially for cerebral, cognitive and nervous system support. It promotes the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children, and aids in supporting optimal cognitive health and brain function.

Supplying a higher DHA to EPA ratio, our formula is formulated to target: memory, attention & retention, learning, mood, cognitive health and neural development.

DHA is especially important during childhood, when brain development is at its peak, and when learning occupies such a huge part of life. Studies have found that individuals deficient in omega-3 fatty acids often display symptoms of poor mental functioning and vision impairment.

Unlike most fish oil supplements, KID’S MEGA OMEGA has a delicious ORANGE VANILLA CREAM flavour that kids love! You can’t even detect a fish taste! Trophic’s KID’s MEGA OMEGA supplies 25 mg of EPA and 100 mg of DHA from wild tuna, per delicious Orange Vanilla Cream flavoured softgel, and as such, constitutes a superior choice of Omega-3s for the maintenance of children’s optimal health.

• Helps promote memory, attention & retention, learning, cognitive health and brain function
• Helps with mood stability
• Promotes a healthy immune function
• Irresistible ORANGE VANILLA CREAM flavour will make parents and kids alike happy!