12c-vega-one-blEnjoy more nutrition in every scoop of Vega One: 33% more protein, 2x more greens with everything you love now!

What’s New with Vega One?
Next time you pick up a tub of Vega One, you may notice it looks slightly different. That’s because we’ve made some changes, for the better. We’ve always put the best into Vega One, so you’ll get the best out. Vega One’s label and recipe may change, but the secret ingredient behind everything you love about Vega is the same: permission to be better, one small change at a time.

We pack even more nutrition into every scoop of new Vega One:
33% more protein
Now you can start your day with 20 grams of multisource, plant-based protein. Our premium blend is made of SaviSeed, pea, hemp and whole flaxseed protein.
2× more greens
Vega One is gloriously green. Wake up with six whole servings of greens from kale, broccoli, spirulina and Vega Chlorella. You just can’t camouflage awesome.
50% DV food-based vitamins and minerals
We’ve embraced a nutrient dense rainbow of fruits and vegetables as the source for all vitamins and minerals in new Vega One. Now made exclusively from whole foods, carrots, spinach, mushrooms and strawberries help you reach your daily vitamin and mineral requirements.
Everything you already love

Adding in 33% more protein, double the greens, and doing it all with real, whole food ingredients didn’t require sacrificing the ingredients you already love. Every scoop of new Vega One still gives you:

  • 25% DV (6 grams) fibre
  • 1.5 grams Omega-3s
  • Antioxidant superfruit blend
  • 1 billion CFU probiotics
  • 1000 mg Vega Maca
  • Nothing you don’t

Vega One is still gluten-free, with no added sugar, made without dairy or soy ingredients, and no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Plus, it’s now vegan certified by third-party Vegan Action.

Non-GMO Project verified
We think you have the right to know what you’re eating—and that includes whether or not you’re eating genetically modified organisms. That’s why we’re proud that new Vega One is verified non-GMO by the non-profit Non-GMO Project.
• More organic ingredients, with 75% of all ingredients sourced in North America
We’re happy to announce that new Vega One is made with more certified organic ingredients than ever. Many of our ingredients that are not certified organic are organically grown, because we believe in supporting the little guys who may not be able to afford organic certification.

We also believe in eating close to home. More than 75% of the ingredients in new Vega One are grown and processed in North America. The remaining 25% is composed mostly of ingredients that simply can’t be grown locally (like Vega Maca, Vega Chlorella and Vega SaviSeeds). We work hard to make sure these still embody Vega’s definition of sustainability. Take SaviSeeds, for example. These Omega-3-rich seeds are farmed by small-scale growers, providing Peruvian families with an economically viable income crop, while rehabilitating land scarred by deforestation with a thriving native species.

Enjoy new Vega One in the flavours you already love: French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate, Berry and Natural. Just shake with water or non-dairy milk for a quick meal on-the-go, or blend into your favourite smoothie.

Vega One Green Smoothie
• 1 cup frozen fruit (peaches, mango, pineapple, berries or a mix!)
• ½ cup kale
• 1 cup water
• 1 serving Vega One French Vanilla
• ½ cup ice

1. Blend thoroughly and enjoy!
2774 HFN Advertorial_New Vega One_December 2014_Image 1 Vega One with smoothie

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