For many of us, the New Year symbolizes new beginnings and goals. Weight loss is often times at the top of our resolution list. The truth is that weight management is a complex, multifaceted issue. Aside from lifestyle modifications such as activity, sleep and stress management, dietary supplements can significantly help with weight loss.

Weight Management Tips
 – Remove processed and refined foods from the diet to decrease the overall chemical load in the body that promotes inflammation and hormonal imbalances
– Include organic, non-GMO, whole foods
– Eliminate food sensitivities such as gluten, casein, soy, etc. which increase inflammation
– Include protein with every meal to balance insulin levels
– Drink additional water in-between meals and not with meals to avoid diluting digestive enzymes and stomach acid

RAW Fit is a powerful protein with added botanicals and nutrients that was formulated to balance blood sugar and support weight loss by addressing the numerous factors involved in metabolism. It is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free which is extremely important as food sensitivities can independently contribute to weight gain by increasing inflammation. Raw Fit was specifically formulated for individuals looking for effective weight management.

Protein In Weight Management
RAW Fit offers 28 grams of highly bioavailable, hypoallergenic, sprouted brown rice protein with 5 grams of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving.

Protein supports weight loss by:
– Minimizing insulin spikes and preventing large fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
– Increasing our satiety by slowing down gastric emptying and lowering ghrelin, the “hunger hormone”.
– Supporting lean muscle mass by providing the necessary essential amino acids, including BCAAs.

Botanicals in Weight Management
RAW Fit contains a therapeutic amount of organic decaffeinated green coffee bean extract, organic ashwagadha and organic cinnamon to promote hormonal balance and weight loss.

Organic, decaffeinated green coffee bean extract is a fat burner and carbohydrate blocker. The active ingredient, chlorogenic acid, blocks carbohydrate absorption in the intestine and reduces fat stores in the liver. It also improves the fat burning effect of adiponectin, a vital hormone that regulates inflammation and prevents weight gain. RAW Fit uses 400 mg of SvetolTM per serving, the same standardized amount used in clinical studies using decaffeinated green coffee bean extract.

Organic ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that balances cortisol levels. Long term exposure to stress, increases our cortisol, which is implicated in weight gain through its effect on elevating blood sugar and abdominal fat stores. Cortisol also increases our cravings for fat, sugar and salt. Moreover, ashwagandha has a balancing effect on the thyroid gland by lowering thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), protecting the gland against damage and stimulating a sluggish metabolism.

Organic cinnamon has been added due to its well-known balancing effects on blood sugar and insulin. Organic cinnamon is also high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutrients in Weight Management
Mineral deficiencies are extremely prevalent in individuals dealing with weight gain. For this reason, RAW Fit contains therapeutic amounts of chromium and magnesium.

Chromium plays a crucial role in sensitizing the insulin receptor. In other words, cells are better able to absorb glucose. Low levels of magnesium can contribute to insulin resistance. Organic baobab powder is the food source for magnesium in RAW Fit.

Lastly, RAW Fit also provides a synergistic blend of fat-soluble vitamins, enzymes and probiotics to help improve digestion and assimilation of all other ingredients.

“How and When Should I Use RAW Fit?”
RAW Fit is simple to use! It mixes well with any choice of fluid such as water, coconut water, almond milk, etc. RAW Fit is often used as a breakfast shake however; it can also be consumed as a snack in-between meals to prevent cravings or as a post-workout drink to help with recovery. In order to achieve best results, two scoops, which is a full serving, should be taken at the same time or in divided doses.

RAW Fit addresses weight loss by taking into consideration the many factors and hormones implicated in maintaining a healthy metabolism. RAW Fit provides a therapeutic blend of protein, botanicals and nutrients that help improve insulin resistance, balance cortisol levels, promote fat burning, increase muscle mass, enhance satiety and help reduce weight.