In Canada, heart disease is the leading cause of hospitalization and the second leading cause of death.  Most Canadians don’t even know that their vascular health is at risk until a heart attack or stroke occurs.  In David Rowland’s book, The Nutritional Bypass1, he outlines several symptoms of vascular disease. In most cases, these signs are early indicators of a larger problem. They include:

•    Cold extremities
•    Numbness of limbs
•    Frequent cramps in extremities
•    Muscle cramps from short walks
•    Ankle swelling
•    Breathlessness upon slight exertion

As Rowland explains, when it comes to vascular health, lifestyle plays a major role. Smoking, consuming polyunsaturated oils, nitrates or excessive sugars, lack of exercise and even regular exposure to air pollution (such as commuting during rush hour) are all examples of high-risk lifestyle choices that can take a significant toll on a person’s vascular health.  If these behaviours become chronic, they can lead to heart disease or a “hardening of the arteries.”  This is caused by the accumulation of plaque. Plaque is composed of fibrin, collagen and fats. In more advanced stages of vascular disease, the plaque becomes calcified and hardens.

The root cause of Atherosclerosis can usually be linked to damage by free radicals (highly reactive oxygen molecules).  Free radicals (oxyradicals) are at the root of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease and even general aging.  This is one reason why antioxidants are so important, since they prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc on cells and tissues.

As with any medical condition, one should always consult their health care professional for guidance.  In many cases, a simple change in lifestyle can go a long way to improve one’s health. Rowland suggests a number of behavioural changes in The Nutritional Bypass to support cardiovascular health.  These changes include:

•    Stop smoking
•    Exercise regularly
•    Eat fish twice weekly
•    Increase dietary fibre
•    Drink lots of purified water
•    Use butter and olive oil vs. margarines and shortening
•    Restrict sugar consumption
•    Restrict caffeine
•    Drink alcohol in moderation
•    Avoid processed meats that contain nitrates and preservatives
•    Avoid environmental hazards such as exhaust fumes, volatile chemicals, etc.
•    Use FLW®

People can start taking control of their cardiovascular health today by eating sensibly, exercising and supplementing with high quality products, including Cardio Strong™ FLW®, distributed by Platinum Naturals.

FLW® was designed by Rowland specifically for supporting cardiovascular health.  It has been Canada’s cardiovascular supplement of choice for more than 25 years.

Its unique composition includes key vitamins, antioxidants and medicinal ingredients that no other approved supplement can provide.  FLW’s® decades of success includes countless testimonials, some which can be found in The Nutritional Bypass.

FLW® is part of Platinum Naturals’ Cardio Strong™ product line, which includes CardioQ™, an Omega Suspension Technology (OST®) based Coenzyme Q10 and Cardio Omega3 fish oil with vitamin D.  Cardio Strong’s™ line also includes the newly launched Garlic-Hawthorn product designed to help reduce elevated blood lipid levels, support peripheral circulation, and help maintain cardiovascular health.

1. David Rowland is natural health author and founder of The Canadian Nutrition Institute and Edison Institute of Nutrition.  David Rowland was Canada’s first registered Nutritional Consultant.