When the weather is cold and the days are darker, it is natural to turn to a richer, comfort-food based diet and adopt a more sedentary lifestyle.  Incorporating healthy choices into our daily life isn’t always as easy as it is in sunnier, warmer months.  We easily fall into the habit of grabbing convenient ‘pick me ups’ as a fallback, that provide a quick fix or burst of energy, but offer little in the way of boosting nutritional intake or sustaining energy levels.

It pays off to keep the momentum of healthy habits going, and maintain a positive perspective on health and well-being by taking the approach of caring for our health each and every day for optimum vitality.  A simple and easy way to improve your diet and health is to incorporate a green food supplement into your schedule.

Genuine Health’s green+ is the original superfood and the only green food supplement that is proven to increase energy and vitality. Not only does it offer fantastic health benefits, it provides superior nutritional support; just one scoop provides five times more antioxidants than blueberries, seven times more fibre than cooked oatmeal, 18 colourful plant based phytonutrients, and boasts the perfect blend of 23 essential ingredients for your health!

greens+ contains a unique blend of beneficial herbs, as well as lecithin, the most bioavailable ‘cell-friendly’ source of the critical B vitamin choline- a fatty nutrient of critical importance to the nervous system and important for healthy mental outlook and the prevention of cognitive decline and/or neurological conditions. Additionally, it may be protective against cardiovascular disease. Among North Americans, the average daily choline intake is only 313mg, well short of the 550mg required for men and the 425mg for women. Each serving of greens+ supplies 450mg of choline daily.

It was over twenty years ago that greens+ was formulated by Sam Graci, based on in-depth nutritional research proving the importance of a diet based on plenty of colourful, phyto-and antioxidant-rich plant-based ingredients – indicating  a whole host of benefits, including a reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress.

But, what is oxidative stress?  Quite simply, it is the result of exposure to a constant production of free radicals, generated by our own daily metabolic functions and stress, and by external factors – environmental exposure to natural and artificial radiation; toxins in air, food and water; UV rays, and tobacco smoke.

Although we cannot completely prevent oxidative stress from affecting us on a daily basis – we can increase our body’s ability to cope with free radical damage.

In fact, in a recent study performed by a team of leading researchers, including Dr. Venket Rao (Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto), it was proven that a daily consumption of greens+ can lower oxidative stress and thereby decrease the likelihood of chronic illness.

Researchers attribute the high absorption rate of the phytochemicals present in greens+ to the “quenching” of free radicals, thereby limiting the damage caused by overproduction.

Not only is greens+ available in the original formula, there are also added value, specialty formulas to suit your individual needs and goals. greens+ extra energy contains taurine and naturally occurring caffeine from the kola nut to provide immediate, long-lasting energy without any highs or lows. For a complete, full spectrum nutritional boost, greens+ multi provides an effective, complete multi-vitamin plus a full serving of phytonutrient-rich greens+ in just one scoop!  Powerful, proven and essential, take it daily to get research-proven increased energy and improved well-being.

No matter what your specific nutritional goals are, incorporate greens+ into your daily regime today, your body will thank you, with more energy, happy digestion and a healthy glow!