Combat Inflammation with CurcuminRich – 300 Times More Absorbable than Turmeric!
Curcumin is fantastic at fighting inflammation but we actually only absorb about 25% of the curcumin in turmeric. Learn how CurcuminRich’s special formulation offers you better anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection.
Inflammation is the body’s way of defending itself against foreign invaders and serious injury, stopping a natural inflammatory reaction too soon can actually cause more harm than good. However, when inflammation continues unchecked, this is bad news for the body. That’s when healthy diet and lifestyle choices and the appropriate use of natural health products like CurcuminRich can make a massive difference in preventing and managing chronic pain.
What Causes Inflammation and How Can We Stop It?
Ongoing inflammation can be caused by a wide range of non-modifiable factors (age and genetic predisposition) and modifiable factors which we can change.

Natural ways to fight inflammation include:

* Reducing levels of unhealthy fats and sugars in the diet
* Limiting exposure to free radicals (including through food and environmental toxins)
* Keeping body fat low
* Getting regular physical activity
* Improving blood glucose regulation
* Getting good quality and sufficient sleep
* Enhancing stress management.
Fortunately, nutrition and natural health researchers are finding safe and effective ways to manage inflammation naturally to stop chronic pain in its tracks and to help the body heal. Many of these natural remedies, including curcumin, have been around for hundreds of years, with modern nutrition science now building on our ancestors’ wisdom.
Curcumin – Fighting the Fire of Inflammation
Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound found naturally in turmeric root and used for thousands of years in India as an Ayurvedic medicine to lower inflammation. In recent years over 2,400 scientific reviews have looked at curcumin’s health benefits, and found that it can help reduce inflammation and free radical damage, act as an anti-viral agent and immunomodulator, and even inhibit changes in cells. 
This focus on curcumin has led many to consume more and more turmeric, hoping to relieve inflammation and thwart chronic disease. Alas, around 75% of the curcumin found in turmeric is never absorbed, severely limiting its anti-inflammatory potential. In addition, the curcumin in turmeric is highly metabolized and quickly broken down by the body before becoming bound to another substance and rapidly eliminated. 
Boosting Curcumin’s Benefits
Luckily for us, diligent scientists have found a way to harness turmeric’s amazing potential. CurcuminRich contains Theracurmin, a patented complex of microscopic curcumin particles bound to phosphatidylcholine for enhanced absorption. Human clinical trials and animal research have shown that the curcumin in Theracurmin is 300 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin powder and can boost blood levels of potent anti-inflammatory curcuminoids 20 times more than standard turmeric extracts, with liver levels of the beneficial compound even higher (Marczylo et al., 2007). 
By reducing the particle size to 100 times smaller than is found in normal curcumin powder, and forming a colloidal suspension, the beneficial curcuminoids in CurcuminRich are better delivered to cells and stay longer in the body, extending antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection (Kanai et al., 2013).
While a dash of turmeric in your food has its advantages, CurcuminRich is where it’s at for potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. 
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