Wake up early. Fuel body, mind and spirit. Get moving. Work hard. Work smart. Work out. Make time for friends and family. Make time for you. Follow your passions. Dream big. Get grounded.

Rest. Repeat.

Struggling to catch your breath in the midst of it all? Feeling fatigued and run-down? You may be iron deficient. If so, you’re not alone. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. In fact, approximately 20% of women in Canada, and 50% of pregnant women, don’t get enough iron. Women’s monthly cycles leave them especially prone to iron deficiency – 10 times more likely than men.

Iron is an essential mineral used to make hemoglobin, which then carries oxygen throughout the body. Without the iron necessary for this process, you may find yourself slowing down and falling behind.

On top of shortness of breath, fatigue, dark under-eye circles and pale skin are common symptoms of iron deficiency, as are dizziness, lack of mental focus, brittle nails, thinning hair, and cold hands and feet. In short, when your iron levels dip, it’s hard to put your best foot, and face, forward.

Iron-rich foods can help get you back in balance, but they may not be the most convenient or accessible solution. If you’re iron deficient, it may be hard to find enough meat, vegetables and whole grains, or hours in the day, to get you back up to speed.

Don’t let iron deficiency slow you down and take away from all you are and all you do. If you’re feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you have a choice. Choose Floradix® and take back your time, and your health, from iron deficiency.

Floradix® is North America’s best-selling natural liquid iron supplement, with a 60+ year track record of helping people face up to, and fight back against, iron deficiency. Its unique, organic formula combines ferrous gluconate, an easily absorbable form of iron, in a delicious blend that includes extracts of carrot and spinach, plus fruit juices like pear, black currant, orange, and cherry, in a base of honey, herbs and whole food concentrates.

Each dose of Floradix® brings you a measure of iron that can be safely absorbed without side effects, making it one of the best sources out there to boost your iron back up to where it belongs. The time-tested formula has the added benefits of Vitamins B and C, plus it’s free of additives, alcohol, preservatives, and lactose. What’s more, its packaging is environmentally-friendly.

You can breathe easy knowing there’s a delicious, natural solution to what might be slowing you down. Raise a glass of Floradix® to your health and make it a part of your daily routine. Your full life awaits.