6c-purica-recovery-engIf you pick up a bottle of Purica® RECOVERY Extra Strength, you’ll notice the words Beyond pain relief right under the name. At first, this might seem to be a marketing catch-phrase but, in truth, it is far from this. Beyond pain relief refers to the fact that RECOVERY behaves quite differently inside your body than standard formula anti-inflammatories. In addition to providing relief for various joint discomforts, RECOVERY actually educates your body’s cells to manage inflammation and associated pain for themselves. And for you!

Here’ how it works.

Over time, RECOVERY will train the cells to respond better to the causes and processes of inflammation—an ability our cells lose as we age and/or the condition leading to inflammation is ongoing. This means that, should you have a condition that creates an inflammatory response, no matter how long this condition has existed, your cells can relearn how to protect themselves. This results in sustained, learned pain relief, something that is lacking in standard formulations.

As an example, Gwen, age 53, has led a very active lifestyle but, in the past six years, has slowed down a little due to ongoing arthritis pain. Although she still hikes Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, it is not without breakthrough discomfort, which worsens the more active she becomes. Gwen knows she must continue with her prescription anti-inflammatory medications to control pain, but worries over their long-term side effects.

A friend then tells Gwen of RECOVERY and how it has helped her husband, as well as her 14-year-old black lab, regain mobility. The friend’s husband was even able to wean himself off pain relief medications.

Gwen purchases a bottle of RECOVERY, discusses her plan with her doctor, and gradually increases her dose. She has told the doctor that, like her friend’s husband, she would like to reduce her anti-inflammatory medications. He tells her to take time and to come back and see him regularly.

Gwen begins her program and, inside her cells, RECOVERY goes to work, using her body’s natural cellular responses as an ally.

For the short-term, the body’s inflammatory response works well for its owner. The cause of inflammation (normally a pathogen, allergen or trauma) abates and the body returns to normal. However, when the inflammatory response is ongoing, as with Gwen’s arthritis and various other degenerative conditions, the status quo is never resumed. This is because, as part of the inflammatory cascade, free radicals are generated. These damage nearby tissues. When inflammation is short-lived, the tissues have time to repair themselves, but if inflammation is not halted, they are instead subjected to a continual onslaught of oxidative damage. Over time, this can cause further degeneration.

In time, Gwen is able to reduce her pain medication to the occasional dose following an extra long hike.

If you have experienced the misery of ongoing arthritis pain for many years, and are relying solely on prescription or OTC medications to quell the inflammation, you may have logically assumed that the only means of relief is to continue these medications indefinitely. RECOVERY provides a better option as it can be taken alongside regular medications until your body adapts and responds.

The response to RECOVERY has often been so remarkable that some health professionals have wondered if “the placebo effect” is at play. While this effect can be very real, animals do not experience it as they do not comprehend the concept of a medication—and Purica animal products contain the same key ingredients.

While animals themselves cannot tell us how much better they feel, their owners can. A horse that is lame begins to canter again, an aging dog with hip problems begins to enjoy her walks, a cat whose leg operation is not healing as it should, loses his stiffness and becomes mobile once more. This healing response is “pure” and demonstrates that RECOVERY is doing its job. Over the long term, humans, as well as animals, experience relief as the body begins to relearn the processes involved in quelling inflammation.

Purica® RECOVERY Extra Strength contains Nutricol®—a patented ingredient comprising green tea (EGCG) and grapeseed bioflavonoids—as well as MSM, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and other helpful natural ingredients.

PURICA® RECOVERY Extra Strength re-educates your cells