2a-genuinehealth-greensplus-blIt’s time to stop masking low energy with sugar and caffeine, and start nourishing it with the nutrient power of greens+ extra energy.

We all know “that person”; the one that bounds into work first thing in the morning, workout completed, lunch made, hair perfect. At your 3PM meeting they are alert and attentive, and by 5PM they are out the door to some social gathering or another. They just don’t seem to quit. But what is with their seemingly endless energy? Can it be chalked up to genetics, or do they know something that most of us don’t? Whether it be vitamin and mineral deficiencies that result from poor eating habits, blood sugar imbalances that are caused from consuming too much sugar, or gaps that are caused when physiological demands run higher than what the diet can provide, low energy levels is our body telling us that something is wrong, and we need to pay attention rather than just masking the symptoms with sugar or caffeine. While low energy is not a simple problem, by providing support to some of the key contributing factors, we can ignite our fire within and find the vitality we need to live our life in bold.

Nutrient gaps

At the very basic level, our food provides us with the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) and the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) it needs for growth, and to sustain all of its daily activities. Consuming a whole food diet, rich in colourful plants, healthy protein sources, and nourishing fats is crucial to preventing nutrient gaps.

While most of us are not deficient in the macronutrients, in today’s world, micronutrients may be more of an issue. Despite doing our best to eat healthy, the food that we eat today is far less nutritious than it once was thanks to the growth of big business farming, soil erosion, the heavy use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and the proliferation of GMO crops. Micronutrients are important co-factors in energy production, and becoming deficient in one or more of them can seriously dampen our vitality, as well as lead to serious health consequences.

When Sam Graci created greens+ and greens+ extra energy, he kept this in mind as he carefully chose each ingredient not only for its nutritional profile, but for the way in which it would work with every other ingredient, creating a synergistic formula that goes above and beyond other green foods. By supplementing your diet with a scoop of greens+ or greens+ extra energy, you know that you are getting the nutrition of 23+ different ingredients that help to prevent nutrient gaps in the diet.

Too much sugar

Sugar is abundant in our food system, and unfortunately is too often used as a quick fix when it comes to energy. As a fast burning carbohydrate, it offers us a readily available source of energy that also stimulates the release of dopamine, one of our “feel good” hormones. Sugar’s effects however are very short-lived. When we eat sugar, our pancreas releases insulin to help clear the sugar from the blood; The more sugar we eat, the more insulin is secreted, leading to blood sugar imbalances as we are constantly battling the sugar highs and the subsequent lows. The metabolism of sugar also depletes our body of key energy boosting nutrients like B-vitamins, while also negatively impacting our digestive health, allowing bad bacteria and yeast to proliferate, setting the stage for nutrient malabsorption.

While many other energy products on the market rely on sugar to help create an energy buzz, green+ extra energy provides key nutrients, like vitamin B6 and chromium, as well as the amino acid glycine, which have all been shown to improve glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation respectively.

Stressful Lifestyle

Stress has been shown to be one of the biggest contributors to low energy in our society. When our body is under stress, whether mental stress (caused by work, emotional, or just a hectic life), or physical (training hard for a athletic event, healing from an injury or illness), our body requires more nutrients than on a day-to-day basis, and can become quickly depleted exacerbating low energy levels.

Nourishing the body with both vitamin C and B-vitamins, which can be rapidly drained when tensions run high, as well as with traditional herbal extracts like rhodiola, astragalus and suma root, that help increase the body’s resiliency, are a key dietary strategies for supporting the body during times of stress. Each serving of greens+ extra energy contains 500mg of vitamin C, 25mg of vitamin B6, as well as standardized extracts of rhodiola, astragalus, and suma root in one convenient scoop to help improve feelings of low energy that may be resultant from stress.


Stewart’s Chocolate Orange Smoothie

❐ 1 cup chocolate almond milk
❐ 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
❐ 1/2 avocado
❐ 1 Tbsp raw cacao powder
❐ 1 Tbsp almond butter
❐ 1 pitted medjool date
❐ 1 scoop greens+ extra energy orange
❐ Cacao nibs, optional
❐ Handful of ice

Blend all ingredients together in a blender, except cacao nibs, until smooth.
Garnish with cacao nibs if desired.

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