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GT's Kombucha

Kombucha for Body, Mind, and Spirit!

The innate health benefits of raw Kombucha are widely known and respected across many Eastern traditions. In some cultures, Kombucha is even known as “The Tea of Immortality.” When traditionally handcrafted in small batches, Kombucha offers billions of living probiotics of numerous diverse varieties to help you live a healthier, happier life and discover a delicious, invigorating practice to revitalize body, mind, and spirit. GT’s Living Foods is the originator, founder, and—for over 25 years—continues to believe food should be grown and living.

Fermentation continues to be one of the safest ways to preserve food without refrigeration. This natural process synergizes simple ingredients and, over time, helps them develop beneficial nutrients, including active enzymes and living probiotics. That’s why all our Kombucha is fully fermented for at least 30 days for 18x more probiotics than the next leading competitor.

Living Probiotics are microorganisms that support your gut health. The gut is called the “second brain” because the diverse bacteria it hosts directly affect your digestive health, immune function, mood, weight, and more. Kombucha’s naturally occurring probiotics can help rebalance and rejuvenate your gut with good gut flora. Similarly, Active Enzymes are a natural byproduct of Kombucha’s fermentation. They are proteins that help your body break down food, which aids digestion and increases beneficial nutrient absorption. They can also help build muscle and eliminate toxins.

The Natural Effervescence in Kombucha develops during fermentation through the production of CO2, creating its famously effervescent personality. This elegant, all-natural fizziness not only enhances your Kombucha drinking experience—it can also help you feel full and curb appetite, too. Relatedly, Acetic Acids are the source of Kombucha’s distinct, tangy taste as well as protecting Kombucha from harmful bacteria during fermentation. Similar to apple cider vinegar, they also protect your health by promoting alkalinity in the body. Finally, because of our use of premium loose-leaf tea, our Kombucha is naturally packed with Polyphenols. These micronutrients fight free radicals that can damage cells, as well as reduce inflammation, belly fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not doctors. We are not scientists. We are simply conscious consumers, like you, who care about the things we put into our body because we believe that food can be a form of medicine. We understand every person is different, and that each body may react differently to the things they consume. Please know the information we share is intended to speak to the average experience with our offerings.

GT's Kombucha

About the Author: GT’s Living Foods


Since 1995, GT’s Living Foods has revolutionized how the Western World thinks, feels, and integrates fermented foods into our everyday lives as part of our collective pursuit of personal wellbeing. Their guiding purpose is to spread a global message that food can be medicine and, through purposeful nutrition, one can heal thyself—and, therefore, the world.