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What to do With Your Picky Eaters

What to do With Your Picky Eaters

Your children are everything. If you are concerned about your child’s health and looking for ways you can get ahead of it, you have come to the right place.

As parents, you do whatever it takes to support them and help them thrive. When it comes to their health, you are the first to notice if they are off, or not feeling well. And, you also know that setting your kids up for success means getting them on a solid health program, to prevent those missed days, and all that comes with it. And when you’re dealing with picky eaters, and the modern world is more than happy to feed our kids all the ‘’fun foods’’ they want, it’s even harder. That’s why Progressive has a foundational health program for your children, to ensure they are getting the optimal nutrients they need for their growing mind & body.

Fill Nutrient Gaps

We know the foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals are the ones our kids usually pick off their plate first. So how can we ensure growing bodies are getting the important nutrients they need? Progressive’s Multivitamins for Kids can help, with it’s proven formula to help support normal growth & developement.1 This multivitamin is a power house of not just the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains vegetable & fruit concentrates along with nourishing botanicals like ginger and wholesome fats like flaxseed oil and fish oil. Best of all, Progressive’s Multivitamins for Kids comes in a delicious chewable tablet so it won’t be a daily struggle to get them to take it.

Get Healthy Fats

Research has shown that essential fats EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) from fish oil play an important role in children’s development, especially with cognitive health.2 And while some children may love eating fatty fish, most of them aren’t getting the recommended amount. There is a tasty & delicious solution to that. Progressive’s Ultimate Fish Oil for Kids is a high potency, multi-source fish oil supplement designed to help support cognitive health & helps maintain cardiovascular health. It features a blend of three cold water, wild caught fish oils including sardine, anchovy, mackerel. 3 It is made entirely from all-natural ingredients and is completely free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. Made with a natural orange flavour, this fish oil is delicious straight from the spoon – or hidden in a preferred drink!

Don’t Forget the Gut!

The foundation of health & wellness starts in the gut – and it goes beyond simple digestion. The bacteria microbes in your child’s gut play an important role in supporting their overall health. Symptoms of a poorly functioning gut can have a detrimental impact on children, including uncomfortable digestion, stomach aches, poor nutrient absorption, diarrhea & general fatigue.4-6 There are ways you can help support your child’s gut health by fueling the good bacteria. This will, in turn, keep children feeling strong and healthy.4,5 One way is with Progressive’s Perfect Probiotic for Kids, a combination of prebiotics & probiotics, containing multiple strains to support children’s gastrointestinal health.7 All Progressive probiotics are gluten-free, vegan, and TRU-ID® Certified– to guarantee the presence of every probiotic species – so what you see on the label is in the bottle.

Keeping your kids healthy is important to you. Progressive’s Multivitamins, Fish Oil and Probiotic are essential to providing the foundational support your children need for optimal health. Because after all, when your kids are healthy and happy, you are too.

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