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Attitude® Super Leaves™ Essentials Aluminum Shampoos and Conditioners

Reducing Your Single-Use Plastic Consumption

While we believe Earth should be celebrated every day, let’s take Earth Month as an opportunity to review our consumption habits, such as single-use plastic consumption; as we know, it has resulted in a planetary environmental crisis. Here are a few daunting facts1:

  • Only 9% of the plastic that is produced globally is recycled, and almost 80% ends up in landfills or in the ocean.
  • More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating in the ocean.
  • By 2050, all seabirds will be eating plastic.

These statistics have led companies like ATTITUDE™ to develop eco-innovative solutions that eliminate single-use plastic from our daily routines. These innovations include the super leaves™ essentials and home essentials™ lines, offering products in aluminum containers.

Why aluminum? Due to their strength and durability, aluminum containers can be reused over and over again. Moreover, of the 1.5 billion tons of aluminum that have been produced, almost 75% is still in use today2.

The recyclable aluminum bottles from the Essentials collection feature a minimalist design that complements any room in the house. The label is made with waterproof and biodegradable stone paper. Each bottle contains a protective barrier inside to prevent the migration of unwanted substances. Plus, they are easily refillable with the Eco-Refills, allowing you to replenish your aluminum bottles endlessly from the comfort of your home, thus reducing single-use plastic.

The super leaves™ essential oils body and hair care products are infused with essential oils that awaken the senses. These products are enriched with super leaves extracts that offer extraordinary benefits: Watercress soothes skin and scalp discomfort and provides a feeling of well-being, while Indian cress revitalizes hair, improves the appearance of the skin, and helps restore suppleness.

The essential oils have many benefits, below are a few:

Peppermint & Sweet Orange – Peppermint is refreshing and eliminates unpleasant odours / Sweet Orange purifies and brightens skin and hair.

Petitgrain & Jasmine – Petitgrain revitalizes and keeps the skin in good condition / Jasmine moisturizes and restores skin suppleness. It also calms dry skin and scalp.

Bergamot & Ylang Ylang – Bergamot purifies the skin and brings freshness / Ylang Ylang tones, purifies and promotes the beauty and shine of hair.

Patchouli & Black Pepper – Patchouli purifies and produces a well-being effect on the hair / Black Pepper tones and produces a feeling of well-being on hair and skin.

Sage & Rosemary – Sage prevents the formation of unpleasant smells on body surfaces / Rosemary produces a feeling of well-being on hair and skin, plus eliminates unpleasant odours.

The home essentials™ line features household cleaning products infused with luxurious essential oils as well. Here are the benefits of each:

Orange & Sage – known for their purifying properties

Lavender & Rosemary – known for their cleansing properties

Geranium & Lemongrass – known for their deodorizing properties

Easily recyclable and reusable, aluminum containers are a great option for reducing single-use plastic consumption. If more brands were to replace their single-use plastic bottles with aluminum, we would accelerate our goal towards a more sustainable future.

Attitude Super Leaves Essentials Aluminum Shampoos and Conditioners

About the Author: Attitude


Attitude is a Canadian company that develops natural personal care and household products dedicated to promoting healthy living. Crafted with natural, hypoallergenic and verified ingredients, their products are now sold in over 55 countries.