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Pivot to Wellness – Health Trends for 2020

Wellness is not just about changing your diet, your lifestyle or what you consume anymore. It is a mindset, a shift of current beliefs and actions. Individuals are choosing plant based, plastic free and ingredient swaps because they have to – not only to support their health but our fragile environment. Consumers are more conscious now than ever about the impact their purchase makes on the world around them. Sustainability has become the forefront of our lives in an effort to preserve the Earth and our bodies. Here’s a list we’ve compiled as the top 10 trends for 2020.


Plastic Free: More than just reusable shopping bags; items like produce bags, stainless steel straws, reusable cups, beeswax wrap, silicone bags to replace their plastic counterparts are hot. Cafes, grocery stores and stand-alone bulk stores are taking big strides in reducing and even eliminating plastic from their shelves. Consumers are rewarded for bringing their own cups, containers and bags as images of our plastic use and how it is affecting the oceans flood the media.


Elixirs: Gut healing, brain boosting, immune supportive, stress reducing, warm and creamy. Elixirs are elevated beverages blending a variety of adaptogens, herbs, collagen, healthy fats, teas and/or coffee into one nutritious beverage. Gone are the days of plain old black coffee! An elixir heightens your morning beverage routine in the best way.


Biohacking: Tapping into our personal genetic makeup to develop our own unique protocol to optimize our health? Okay! We will see a rise in personalized nutrition, supplementation and health monitoring and taking full control of our health through genetic testing.


Oats: Move over almond, cashew and coconut – there’s a new (and more sustainable) kid in town! Popping up in beverages, creamers, protein, ice cream and butter alternatives, the creamy texture of oat milk lends to a variety of applications with ease. What’s more enticing though is its sustainability factor. It takes six times less water to grow oats than almonds, 10 times less land to grow oats than to produce dairy and thankfully we grow oats easily in Canada!


Sleep: Individuals are becoming aware of the negative impact that simply losing a few ZZZ’s can have on our health. We are investing in a plethora of supports to ensure that doesn’t happen. Diffusers with essential oils, weighted blankets, personalized supplementation and high quality non-toxic organic mattresses and sheets are becoming the norm. We have also started tracking our sleep through personal health devices and HRV (heart rate variability) so we’re not only recording how much we are sleeping but the quality of that sleep as well.


Vegan Alternatives:  There will be an even greater shift towards eating plant based this year. Vegan fish oil is emerging which packs all the cardiovascular, brain and eye health benefits without negatively affecting our fish populations. Our clothing is also going vegan – furs and leather are out – fabrics like bamboo and recycled rubber are in. Consumers now understand that if you aren’t eating animal products, it’s probably best not to wear them either!


Workplace Wellness: This is not just safety anymore. We are seeing the wellness activities we engage in during our personal time overlap into our work days. Studies show allowing for flexibility and wellness breaks can help increase employee retention, reduce stress and sick days. Group exercise, healthy snacks, meditation breaks, scent free policies and work from home days are becoming the norm in even the most conventional office settings.


Collagen – Still HOT: Collagen doesn’t show signs of losing steam. The health and beauty powerhouse has proven it is worthy to stick around another year because of its widespread benefits. Collagen can have a positive impact on joints, mobility and gut health while simultaneously improving the look of fine lines, wrinkles and skin elasticity. Collagen is predicted to be a staple in most pantries well into 2020.


Transparency and Traceability: Consumers are becoming more aware of what ingredients are listed on labels before they purchase. Transparency of what actually goes into a product will be required, along with traceability. Consumers want to know who is affected by their purchase, and thus are supporting fair trade initiatives more than ever. Ensuring products are ethically sourced and manufactured are key determining factors when questioning “to buy or not to buy”.


Shop Local: Supporting small businesses over big box stores is becoming more of the norm. When you support a local business, you’re supporting your community because that business likely bought from a different local business, service provider or farm. When you shop local over mass stores, you also reduce environmental impact and chances are, you’ll receive better customer service!


So, to answer the question, “What’s Trending in 2020?” There is no short answer. Hopefully the takeaway is that more attention is needed to reduce plastic waste and promote more environmentally friendly routines. Whether it’s adopting a plant-based diet or supporting local businesses, the most important trend for the year should be doing your best for yourself and our planet.