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Here’s to Canada!

“The world needs more Canada!” is a sentiment that has been famously made by one of my favourite US presidents, Barack Obama. Bono, Canada’s biggest fan, who also happens to be an Irish rock star, has said it too.

For so many Canadians, we may understand this sentiment without really understanding it. That’s probably why Bono has also said that Canadians don’t realize how important this country is.

We all know that Canada is covered in pristine wilderness, but do we appreciate it? How often do we venture out to enjoy it? Amazingly, Canada is one of six countries that hold 70% of the world’s remaining wilderness. Up to 30% of our beautiful country is covered in trees and forests, and we have more lakes than any other country. In fact, 20% of the world’s freshwater can be found here.

We all know that Canadians are smart, but do we realize just how smart we are? Canada has an excellent education system. But did you know that we continue to rank as OECD’s most educated country in the world with 56.7% of Canadians having received a post-secondary degree? And we’re putting those smarts to good use.

We’re tolerant and incredibly kind. Canada takes care of its people by providing universal healthcare. And we’ve recently made huge strides (and attracted a lot of attention) by banding together to reduce poverty by 20% in just two years.

And many smart and kind Canadians are getting out there and starting passionate companies that do great things driving the green economy. For example, did you know that the green superfood category started in Canada? And that Canada continues to be a leader in the natural health industry?

There are so many local companies making amazing products and doing amazing work at strengthening our already strong economy, creating green jobs, reducing our environmental footprint, and giving back to communities.

If you’re reading this, you’re already supporting the green economy shopping for Canadian-made natural health supplements from independently-owned stores. You are in the top percentile of people who are doing great things for Canadian companies.

Canada is an incredible country. Let’s all continue to celebrate all that it has to offer—by showing the world our smarts, our kindness, getting out into nature whenever we can, and supporting great Canadian natural health supplement companies.


By Stewart Brown


About the Author: Stewart Brown

Stewart Brown

Stewart Brown is the founder and president of Genuine Health in Toronto. Learn more about Genuine Health at