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Collagen Continues to Reign in 2020

Winter can be harsh on your skin, hair and nails. Wind, cold, and dryness can all affect how you look and feel. If you want to improve your appearance in the winter and beyond, then you should know about 3 proteins; collagen, elastin, and keratin. These three structural proteins are so vital to the way you look they are called the “3 Beauty Proteins.”

The key to maintaining collagen, elastin, and keratin is activating the cells in your body that produce these structural proteins directly inside skin and hair tissue. BioSil’s® patented ch-OSA®, helps your body regenerate optimal amounts of these three “must have” proteins – safely and naturally. That’s why in the clinical trials, the women taking BioSil reduced wrinkles by 30.0%, increased skin elasticity by 89%, thickened hair by 12.8%, strengthened hair by 13.1% and dramatically increased nail hardness. BioSil works through your body’s natural pathways, so the collagen it generates has your own DNA fingerprint. 

Collagen plumps your skin from the inside out. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and if taken regularly, can prevent them from forming. Collagen is also a water magnet, it holds onto water giving your skin a moisture-drenched dewy complexion. This is particularly important in harsh, cold, and drying Canadian winter conditions. BioSil “turns on” the collagen-generating cells in your body known as fibroblasts, increasing your collagen formation. This greater quantity of collagen pushes the skin up and out, creating smooth, soft skin. That’s why BioSil is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by a full 30.0% * in just 20 weeks.

You laugh, you frown, you raise your eyebrows in surprise. Yet your face doesn’t crack. That’s elasticity at work! Elasticity gives your skin its ability to bounce back. The degree of elasticity your skin exhibits is determined by both collagen and elastin. That’s why research scientists also tested ch-OSA for its effect on skin elasticity and they found the women taking ch-OSA increased skin elasticity by a statistically-significant 89% over the women taking a placebo*. 

Keratin is the protein that’s packed into your hair shaft, making up 97.0% of hair. It gives your hair thickness, body, strength, and shine. Plus, keratin gives your nails hardiness and clarity. BioSil ensures an abundant flow of growth rich nutrients that optimize the keratinization process in your hair. That’s why in clinical trials, BioSil thickened hair by 12.8%** and strengthened hair a full 13.1%**.

Your nails are also made up of keratin. That’s why BioSil is clinically proven to increase your nail’s hardness*. The subjects in the BioSil clinical trial reported that their nails became strong and chip resistant!

You want to look and feel your best this winter so get enough sleep, eat a healthy balanced diet, and remember to take BioSil with ch-OSA every day in capsules or drops. BioSil is a clinically proven advanced collagen generator providing excellent support for beautiful skin, hair, and nails in winter and all year-round.

BioSil is completely free of animal parts and suitable for vegetarians/vegans.         

BioSil is also non-GMO and gluten free.

*Barel, et al. (2005) Arch Dermatol Res, 297:147-153. Results may vary.

**Wickett, et al. (2007) Arch Dermatol Res, 299:499-505


About the Author: Assured Natural Distribution Inc.


Assured Natural Distribution Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated company that provides exclusive high-quality products to Canadian Health Food Stores. Assured Natural ensures excellence in customer service, product knowledge, and premium-quality brands.