Over 100,000 chemicals are found in our environment and in common consumer products. Unsurprisingly, residents of urban areas and high traffic neighbourhoods have the highest exposure to harmful environmental compounds. They are also at greater risk of developing health conditions such as allergies and asthma.1

We are exposed to exogenous toxins (harmful chemicals made outside our body) in numerous ways. Environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, and pesticides are some of the ways toxins enter our bodies.

Many people are surprised to learn that toxins may be endogenous as well. These harmful chemicals are made inside our body. Endotoxins are produced by bacteria in areas such as the intestines. They disrupt energy production, damage tissues and cells, and promote inflammation, all of which may lead to a host of chronic diseases.

Our livers are remarkable organs designed to detoxify chemical substances. In today’s world, the average liver needs all the help it can get. This organ is responsible for filtering and processing almost everything that is ingested, inhaled, and absorbed through the skin. After the liver filters and processes toxins, non-toxic water soluble compounds are then eliminated via urine, sweat, and stool.

The liver’s job is no easy task. It’s no wonder that herbal cleansing is an increasingly popular choice for those seeking optimal health.

Cleansing is like hitting the body’s reset button. In my 13 years of clinical practice, I’ve seen remarkable results with this ancient modality. The good news is that cleansing is easier today than ever before. Gone are the days of aggressive laxative pills, water fasts, and brewing your own herbal concoctions.

For today’s on-the-go busy bee, you can find cleansing kits at your local health food store or natural market. From 30-day Liver Detox programs to 15-day Parasite Cleanses, there are plenty of options for you and your family.

My advice?

Ask a qualified natural health advisor about the different cleansing kits. They are trained to help you select the best kit based on your individual health goals.

It may be a good idea to do a full body cleanse before starting a targeted cleanse (e.g. Candida Cleanse). Full body cleanses range from 7 days to 30 days and support the elimination of toxins from all seven channels of elimination – liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, lymphatic system, and the skin.

There is no need to make drastic changes to your diet while on a full body cleanse. The herbal ingredients delivered in capsule form have been used for decades to gently eliminate waste and expel toxins. That said, as a Naturopathic Doctor I encourage my patients to eat a diet rich in natural whole foods that nourish the body.

Most health experts agree that our toxic load is rapidly increasing. High levels of stress, increasing toxins in our environment, and too many nutrient-empty foods certainly do not help. If you can’t move to a pristine island, consider the next best thing found where natural health products are sold.

Happy Cleansing!

By Dr. Sara Celik, ND
1. San-Nan Yang et al. The Effects of Environmental Toxins on Allergic Inflammation. Allergy Asthma & Immunology Research. 2014;6:478-484.


About the Author: Dr. Sara Celik, ND

Dr. Sara Celik, ND

Dr. Sara is a licensed naturopathic doctor with 13 years of clinical experience. With her extensive educational background, she is a sought-after speaker and leader in natural health that has contributed to various media outlets.