Health First Network® is Canada’s leading buying and marketing group exclusively for independent health and wellness retailers, and the exclusive supplier of the premium private label Health First supplement brand. Our members initially came together not only to reap the benefits of producing their own quality health products, but also through a shared philosophy for their existence as a network – to harness their collective knowledge, buying and marketing power to offer better service, information and value for both their stores and their customers. This philosophy still drives our organization today.

Our vision is to be the industry leader and organization of choice for health and wellness retailers who share a commitment to the well-being of the people we serve and the environment we live in. Today, there are over 130 independently owned and operated Health First Network® member stores from coast to coast. No two stores are alike, each sell different products and offer various services, such as in-house events or naturopathic clinics, based on the needs of the local community. So, whether you are a large store with strong market share, or a smaller store with a great history, we’re interested in exploring a mutually beneficial relationship we can build together.

Our mission is to bring together the passion, knowledge and collective power of independent health & wellness retailers to help them thrive in the communities they serve.

These also reflect our values, which serve the “why” of our existence. We are dedicated to our customers. We act with passion, integrity and respect. We act locally, think nationally. We grow together. We inspire.

We’ve spent the last 15 years working to identify and create a proven system to provide value for our members. Here is a brief list of some of the benefits of joining HFN: access to the exclusive Health First Network product line, management of vendor partnerships, customized, professional marketing materials, data insights, collaborative sharing and networking, a support team and training resources.

If you are interested in speaking with us further about becoming a member, please contact:

Davide Viola

Health First Network
Ph: 905-333-6353 / 888-333-6353 ext 222
Fx: 905-333-6350