How should you dispose of expired or unwanted natural health products?…

1.    Should you flush them down the toilet? No, we know we all have done it. Experts say however, this method may have potential harmful effects on the environment. Disposal via the toilet will take your NHPs into the local sewage system. Modern water treatment plants may not be fully able to deal with such disposal.

2.    Should you pour them down the sink? This is no better than flushing them down the toilet. They still end up in the same place. It’s even worse if your home uses a septic system. Experts say come NHPs can leach into the local water table, eventually coming out somewhere, like a nearby lake or stream, or even worse out onto your own property, where pets, livestock or wildlife could be at risk.

3.    Should you throw them into the trash? Safety experts strongly discourage throwing them into the trash where children or pets can find them. Your trash will eventually make it to a local landfill, where your NHPs could still have the potential to leach out. Many municipal or regional districts have local household waste facilities where you can safely drop off your NHPs for disposal. Check in your region for more information.

4.    How do I dispose of natural health products? Just take the medications in their original containers, remove all personal identification and stop by one of our participating retailers in your region.

Health First Network is a member of the Health Products Stewardship Association which oversees the safe and sustainable return and disposal of unwanted natural health products, medicines and medical “sharps”.







For more information on the HPSA click here.