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What Does it Mean to Recover?

What Does it Mean to Recover?

What does it mean to recover? The word itself is about getting something back, something ours that was lost. In this context, it’s about re-establishing a natural state of health and wholeness. It’s about recovering true well-being.

Holistic wellness can’t be faked. This isn’t a ‘put a newspaper over dog pee in the room’ or ‘sweep the dust under the rug so no one notices’ kind of solution. It’s not about creating a glossy veneer of wellness by simply treating a symptom so it looks good for a short time while avoiding the root cause or effect of this. In the end, that won’t work. The symptoms will return, and we won’t recover our natural health, which leads us to the PURICA Recovery line of formulas. Recovery Extra Strength and Recovery 3.0 are designed and formulated with this holistic understanding in mind.

PURICA’s flagship award-winning Recovery Extra Strength is for overall health improvements and how you feel long term. It also improves hair, skin and nails, supports the building blocks of connective tissue repair, and assists in wound healing and the development and maintenance of cartilage — reducing and relieving overall pain, including joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Recovery Extra Strength also restores gut health, key to relieving many other issues in the body. One of the ways it does this is by improving the health of the mucosal moat, which acts as a barrier to keep things out that shouldn’t get in. This has a direct impact on the digestive system, respiratory system, and urinary tract. Recovery Extra Strength is also available for our animal friends, both big and small. They need it too!

Recovery 3.0 — the newer kid on the block — excels in relieving chronic inflammation — a precursor to many other ailments — and is helpful when stress is involved. Both inflammation and stress are rampant underlying issues in our modern environment!

Mild inflammation is necessary to wall off and protect areas of the body, so nothing unwanted gets through the bloodstream. But most people have chronic inflammation, which never lets the body settle or heal, and leads to far more diseases than we can count. So it’s essential to get that under control.

Recovery 3.0 is also powerful in supporting joint health and muscular function, including the heart, helping in the formation and development of connective tissue and collagen, reducing symptoms of stress such as fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, and inability to concentrate, and is a potent antioxidant that creates electrolyte balance and helps protect against oxidative damage at the cellular level.

The fact that we can recover our health truly is damn good news, especially for those of us who feel far from it at times. This is what the PURICA Recovery line of formulas is all about. Both Recovery Extra Strength and Recovery 3.0 are named for their ability to do this, using natural elements, so we can live naturally thriving lives.

May you recover and sustain your natural vibrant state of well-being!

PURICA Recovery Products

About the Author: PURICA Team


PURICA is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in medicinal mushrooms. PURICA is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care” and their products are inspired by Nature, skillfully formulated natural and whole food products solidly backed by science.