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The Unique Health Benefits of Honey

The Unique Health Benefits of Honey

Healthline’s article the “7 Unique Health Benefits of Honey” perfectly illustrates the key values and beliefs that Canadian health and wellness company Honibe® preaches and advocates. The 7 unique benefits highlighted in the article are just a handful of the many amazing properties of honey, which is why Honibe uses Canadian honey as the number one ingredient in all its health and wellness products.

At the heart of everything Honibe does is the deep belief in the power of honey. According to the Healthline article, honey’s naturally occurring benefits include naturally occurring nutrients and high antioxidant content and suggests that using honey instead of pure sugar may promote more effective blood sugar management and heart health, among other potential benefits.

Honibe is a Canadian honey-based health and wellness company that strives to deliver honey-based solutions to every family with care and respect for the world we live in. Good things come from good starts; at Honibe, they always start with honey. Honibe uses patented technology to transform honey into a solid or gummy form, maintaining its naturally occurring health benefits without using preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial flavours.

Honibe’s line of multivitamin and wellness Gummie Bees™ range from immune system-boosting multivitamins to Vitamin D3 for bone support, Omega-3 for brain health, and Melatonin for a better night’s sleep. All made with the goodness of honey and free from unwanted additives, soy, gluten, dairy, and common allergens.

Honibe’s most recent launches include Apple Cider Vinegar Gummie Bees™ which provide 500mg of apple cider vinegar per gummy, and their exciting collaboration with Mattel includes Vitamin D3 Gummie Bees™, Multivitamin + Immune Boost Gummie Bees™ and Omega-3 Gummie Bees™, all just for kids!

Honibe honey lozenges are made with up to 99% pure Canadian honey! Their lineup of 7 unique lozenges relieve cough, sore, throat and nasal congestion, with a variety of benefits such as: immune system boost, relief of cold, flu and fever symptoms, and relief of mucus and cough. All 7 lozenges are free from unwanted additives and added sugars, Kosher certified and allergy free.

And lastly, it all started with their award-winning Honey Drop in 2010. Honibe’s very first honey product ever made consists of 100% pure, solid honey without added sugar, unwanted additives, or allergens and it is Kosher certified. A perfect replacement for refined sugar, drop one into your tea or coffee– or eat them like candy. Honey Drops are the mess-free alternative to liquid honey. Take them with you wherever you go!

Find Honibe on Facebook and Instagram @Honibe and visit for more information on all their delicious, honey-based products.

Honibe Honey-Based Vitamins and Gummies

About the Author: Honibe


Honibe is a Canadian honey-based health and wellness company that strives to deliver honey-based solutions to every family with care and respect for the world we live in. Good things come from good starts and at Honibe always starts with honey, in fact, it’s the #1 ingredient in all their products.