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The Healing Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms

The Healing Powers of Medicinal Mushrooms

The healing powers of medicinal mushrooms have been revered for thousands of years in ancient cultures such as those of Tibet, China and India. In this era of stress exacerbated by technology and the demands and expectations associated with almost 24/7 availability, these time-honored healing powers are as important today as they ever have been, if not more so.

These medicinal mushrooms are gifts of nature. They are today what they were several millennia ago. What has changed is that through modern advancements, we can better harness the fully integrated medicinal and health benefits of the mushrooms.

Some of the leading medicinal mushrooms are Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Red Reishi, Turkey Tail and others; all adaptogens and immunomodulators that have demonstrated their healing powers and their respective therapeutic abilities to address a wide range of conditions, from digestive ailments and weakened immunity to skin problems and insomnia, and others.

Their use by the ancients evolved from the application of single mushrooms to the evolution of multi-mushroom formulations and that has only continued in modern times and in their more recent popularization in western societies. To this day, individual mushrooms target specific benefits, such as, for example, Red Reishi and its impact on relaxation support. It is often referred to as the “chill pill” and is widely known for aiding sleep and lessening fatigue. Like many of the medicinal mushrooms, it enhances the immune response.

Similarly, Chaga is known for its remarkably high level of antioxidants (approximately 50X that of blueberries) as well as its immunity-optimizing and stress-relieving properties. Cordyceps is synonymous with energy and endurance and is a popular medicinal mushroom among high performance athletes and so-called “weekend warriors”. Lion’s Mane has been found to increase nerve growth factor, making it effective in addressing conditions associated with brain and nervous system function. It is often associated with “brain power”, mental clarity, memory support and digestion.

Each of the medicinal mushrooms is known for specific health benefits. Yet what has defined recent years is the emergence of mushroom blends, formulations that bring together multiple mushrooms in powder or capsule form.

Exemplifying the rise of multi-mushroom blends is the award-winning formulation PURICA Immune 7. Named for two consecutive years in the alive Awards as the best immunity product in Canada by Canadian retailers, Immune 7 has a proven track record as an immunity modulator featuring six organic medicinal mushrooms and Nutricol, a powerful blend of natural antioxidants. Another popular blend is PURICA Complete 360, a formulation comprised of eight medicinal mushrooms and the organic ayurvedic herb ashwagandha. It also delivers immune support, stress relief and overall health and wellness.

To make these and other mushrooms even more effective, PURICA incorporates four key differentiators into everything it produces:

  1. Full spectrum formulation
  2. Therapeutic grade ingredients
  3. Highest quality
  4. Easy absorption

Full spectrum production means that PURICA uses the “entire mushroom” that grows over the course of its life cycle. By using the mycelia, fruit bodies, spores and extracellular compounds, the natural balancing benefits of these medicinal mushrooms are optimized.

Great care is taken in all stages of the growing, harvesting and processing of every mushroom used in PURICA products. These processes preserve all the active ingredients – with high levels of polysaccharides and beta glucans that are fundamental to healing capacity of mushrooms — thereby delivering a consistent, therapeutic grade product. As they are grown on a certified organic plant base with trace minerals, there is the highest degree of quality control, with each PURICA mushroom product qualifying as a healing superfood.

The fourth major differentiator — and arguably the signature PURICA advantage behind its North American-grown mushrooms — is the easy absorption that is ensured through a process known as micronization. This is the process by which large particles are reduced into fine, soluble particles, measured in micrometres. Micronized mushrooms release the active compounds bound up in the mushroom matrix so that their full benefits are effectively harnessed.

These four PURICA advantages are applied to every mushroom produced, including the innovative new line of mushroom cacao blends known as PURICA Zensations. These mushroom cacao blends make for a fun and easy way to incorporate the nourishing properties of medicinal mushrooms into your lifestyle. (And who doesn’t love hot chocolate?)

Currently available in six different blends with each serving carrying 1,400-1,600 mg of mushrooms, PURICA Zensations can be easily consumed in your favourite drink or taken like a shot of espresso, simply mixed in hot water, frothed up or paired down or any of the creative ways you can think of to enjoy this nourishing blend.

For more on medicinal mushrooms, check out The Triskelion – The PURICA Podcast: Dr. John Holliday and Jason Watkin discussing the health benefits of mushrooms.

PURICA Medicinal Mushrooms

About the Author: PURICA Team


PURICA is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in medicinal mushrooms. PURICA is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care” and their products are inspired by Nature, skillfully formulated natural and whole food products solidly backed by science.