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The Cold and Flu Fighting Power of Zinc

The Cold and Flu Fighting Power of Zinc

Set your family up for a healthy winter with adequate zinc! Zinc is part of more than 300 different enzymatic reactions in the body and is vital to immune function. It can be found in beans, nuts, whole grains, seafood, poultry, and eggs. For added protection, make zinc supplementation an immune staple for your whole family.

Zinc is the second most abundant mineral in the body after iron and functions in more enzymatic reactions than any other mineral. Because the body stores very little zinc as backup, we need to consume healthy sources regularly. That could mean a mixed bean salad, whole grain pasta, fruit and nut mixes, or eggs for breakfast.

Zinc is a cofactor for energy production and supports the liver through detoxification. This means that without adequate amounts, energy levels can suffer, bodies can struggle to clear toxins, and illness is more likely to occur.

It is also a vital component of thyroid function, which regulates our temperature, heart rate, metabolism, digestion, brain activity, and skin and bone maintenance. Zinc is a powerful mineral!

When it comes to our skin, zinc is handy for healing playground scrapes and wounds, and keeps pesky acne at bay. Acne is a byproduct of excess sebum production. Zinc can be supplemented to stunt its production and reduce acne.

Zinc deficiency can present as hair loss, weight fluctuations, poor wound healing, and even mental fog. It plays an important role in neural communication and without adequate amounts, we can find it hard to focus at work or school.

But if you’re most concerned about your household being taken down by a nasty cold or flu, make sure to have zinc on hand!

The immune system is twofold. Our innate immunity is first to respond to foreign invaders, defending against their entry. If they pass through, our adaptive immunity comes in as backup. Growth and development of both is necessary to ensure that our immune systems mature properly and function optimally. If you’re supporting little ones in their growth and development, it’s important not to overlook zinc.

While zinc supplementation can reduce the occurrence of the common cold, it has stronger fighting power when paired with the correct amount of copper. Their back-and-forth relationship goes a bit like this – increase your intake of one, and the other will begin to deplete. They need to co-exist in the body in correct amounts for our healthy functioning.

Copper food sources include oysters, spirulina (a blue-green algae that often comes as a powder), nuts and seeds, and leafy greens.

To guard your family against illness this winter, consider Family First Zinc Plus Copper. Supplementing with zinc daily helps support immune function and increases daily energy. Chalky, chewable zinc tablets are a thing of the past!

Health First Family First Zinc Plus Copper is made unique by:

  • Balancing the ratio of copper and zinc to make it suitable for the whole family: 12mg of zinc and 480mcg of copper. Keeping your family healthy is hard enough – buy one supplement that covers everyone!
  • Using zinc and copper citrate forms which are gentler on the stomach and easier to absorb.
  • Getting rid of the magnesium stearate found in most other zinc supplements and using an organic blend of rice hulls, rice bran, sunflower oil, and gum arabic instead.
  • Ensuring it’s vegan and free from gluten, dairy, soy and yeast.
  • Flavouring it naturally to taste like delicious elderberry!
  • Sweetening it with only xylitol and monk fruit.

Zinc supports the immune system by guarding our bodies against infectious invaders, protects the integrity of our skin and bones, and supports many of our most basic functions. Make Family First Zinc Plus Copper a staple in your household to keep everyone happy and healthy!

Health First Family First Zinc Plus Copper

About the Author: Health First Network


Health First Network is Canada’s leading membership group for independent health & wellness retailers and the exclusive supplier of the premium Health First supplement brand. There are over 130 independently owned and operated retail Members across the country. Click here to learn more about Health First.