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The Amazing Versatility of Chia Seeds

The Amazing Versatility of Chia Seeds

Black chia seeds and your health. Seeds are, generally speaking, nutritionally dense and wonderful health food to include in everyday meals. Once a food staple of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations (now Mexico and Guatemala), many seek out chia as one of the few plant-based excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Foods like this are a staple for anyone who chooses not to eat fish or another omega 3 rich animal foods. Chia also has notable amounts of calcium, magnesium and selenium, as well as fibre. Its fibre content is so high that from the perspective of a keto diet, it contains zero net carbohydrates (the fibre cancels out the effect of the carbs).

Black chia seed magic. What many love most about chia is its ability to “plump up” when mixed with water. Its mucilaginous qualities allow for some exciting recipes. Firstly, it can be used as an egg-replacement in any recipe. Simply grind chia seeds to a powder and then add a little warm water, enough to make a paste. Mix about three tablespoons of water for every one tablespoon of ground chia. When left for a few minutes, this paste turns into an egg-like gel.

Healthy pudding? No way! Nobody who has chia in their pantry can resist making chia pudding. Simply combine two tablespoons of chia seeds for every 1 cup of milk (almond, oat, soy, etc.). Add this to a glass jar and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. You will have a thick pudding by morning. Feel free to spice and flavour this up by also including ingredients like cinnamon or cocoa powder, coconut flakes or a bit of sugar or stevia.

A beverage with a little something extra. Whole chia seed may also be added to lemon water or fruit juice to make a traditional Mexican drink known as Chia Fresca (1.5 – 2 tsp chia per cup of liquid). Lastly, you can enjoy whole chia seed by sprinkling it over salads, cereals, yogurt or your favourite entrées. Some describe the flavour and texture of chia as similar to poppy seeds.

Have you met our Inari family? If you are new to us, Inari is an established Canadian brand that offers over 80 organic food items: dried fruits, vegetables and sprouts, flours, grains, cereals, lentils, peas and beans, nuts, rice, sugars, rice cakes and international mixes. Inari’s founder, Mr. Eugen Hauser, was a pioneer in organics in Quebec in the late 1970’s.  With a passion for sustainable farming, he spent much time travelling from farm to farm to seek an understanding of cultivation, harvesting and processing.  Today Eugen’s children are involved in all sourcing of ingredients as well as oversight from farm to fork. Inari’s practices far exceed thresholds currently in place for Canadian food products by upholding the three pillars of the bioPURganic™ Program.

  • Organic Certification: Inari has been a core partner with Ecocert® Canada for more than ten years, supporting this European affiliated certifier and their highest standards for organic certification.
  • Non-GMO Certification: Inari has developed an extensive in-house program to test ingredients with a high risk of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) presence.
  • Pesticide Contamination Prevention: Inari has adopted the IFOAM European Pesticide Guidelines, the world’s most comprehensive pesticide screening program for our products.
Thalia Charney, MA, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach
Nutrition and Health Education Manager, NOW Foods
Inari Black Chia Seeds

About the Author: Thalia Charney


Thalia Charney’s lifelong passion for all things nutrition and healthy living make her the ideal Nutrition and Health Educator for NOW Health Group Canada. With over 30 years in the health industry, her formal training in Naturopathy, personal and professional experience, form a strong basis for her speaking and education. Her experience includes an eclectic background in herbal medicine, nutrition, essential oils, green living, meditation, vegetarian cooking, and working as a wellness coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer.