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Stay Healthy While Traveling

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than getting sick. I know because I travel a lot. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, I know the agony of stomach cramps on a bus in Africa or food poisoning after lunch in Vancouver. Whether you’re planning to travel abroad or sticking closer to home, being prepared goes a long way in preventing the issue from happening or dealing with it quickly. I was lucky enough to get on top of the food poisoning quickly in Vancouver but the cholera I picked up in Africa took longer to overcome.

Being prepared beforehand can set the stage for a healthy journey. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, here are some suggestions I tell my clients and use myself.


  1. Build immunity before you go away. When it comes to immunity, the best defense is a good offence. Talk to your local Health First Member store employee about immune supplements to strengthen your defences.


  1. Make up a digestive care first aid kit.
    • Pack a probiotic! They are the good microbes that keep your digestive system in balance. Renew Life® Ultimate Flora® Critical Care is a 12 strain formula that contains 50 billion active cultures in a convenient shelf stable format that is perfect for traveling.
    • Include DigestMORE® HCl, a digestive enzyme that contains Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl). The enzymes in the formula help support digestion and the HCl increases acid levels in the stomach to help maintain a sterile environment.[1] After all, you never know what new “friends” may be lurking in your food.
    • A week before you go, include BoulardiiMAX in your daily routine and continue to take it throughout your trip to help prevent antibiotic associated traveler’s diarrhea. BoulardiiMAX is a probiotic that helps to reduce the risk of diarrhea as well as support intestinal and gastrointestinal health.[2] You can take it alongside Ultimate Flora® Critical Care.


  1. Keep up your exercise routine. Don’t use your trip as an excuse to let things slide. Walking on the beach counts! You’ll be surprised how fast you get behind if you ditch your exercise routine while on vacation.


  1. Eat healthy! Choose fruits and veggies, lean protein, beans and legumes to nourish you. Pack nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies and trail mix as healthy snacking options.


  1. Drink plenty of water. Planes are dehydrating so take an empty reusable water bottle through security and fill it up on the other side. While on daytrips, hiking or walks on the beach, bring your water bottle with you. Tropical climates make it especially easy to get dehydrated.


  1. Stick to your supplement regimen. Use a multiday pill container or stacking containers from your local dollar store to save space in your suitcase. Fill each slot with your daily supplements and you’re more likely to remember to take them.


  1. Be prepared. Pack an herbal anti-viral tincture in case you do start to catch something while you’re away. The sooner you take it at the onset of symptoms, the better.[3] Your local Health First store employee will be able to guide you in the right direction.


  1. Practice safe sun. If you’re travelling to a sunny destination, don’t forget your sunscreen. There can be a lot of harmful chemicals in sunscreen products so check out Environmental Working Group’s “Guide to Sunscreens” to help choose the best one for you and your family.[4]


  1. Don’t stress! If your flights are late, you forgot to pack something or things don’t go according to plan, take a deep breath and make new plans with a calm mind. Stress lowers your immune system which can leave you susceptible to illness.[5] Give stress a vacation and you’ll be surprised that it may not be there when you get home.

Your best laid plans can go awry when dealing with exotic diets, foreign water and a whole host of other things, so build up your immune system, stick to your healthy routines, be prepared and above all, relax and have a great trip!



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About the Author: Caroline Farquhar R.H.N., E.M.P., B.A.

Caroline Farquhar

Specializing in digestive care and cleansing, Caroline has been educating audiences through seminars, TV and radio appearances across the country on the topic of how to achieve better health naturally. Caroline has written and published articles for magazines and websites, has created educational programs and taught at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Learn more about Caroline at