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Spring into action with fermented protein!

Buh-bye winter! As the thermometer rises, so do our energy levels! When Spring fever gets your body moving, protein supplements are a go-to, and people are increasingly turning to plant-based protein powders.

Protein doesn’t just help with fitness – it’s a daily essential that fuels every metabolic function in the body! Many products line store shelves: single-source, multi-source, raw, sprouted, fermented… a huge assortment of vegan proteins is available, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. BUT, not all plant-based protein powders are created equal, and here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing yours:

Variety is KEY! You need more than a single-source of plant protein to get a complete amino acid profile. Some vegan proteins rely heavily on one source of protein (i.e. rice or pea). Even products with 2 or 3 plant protein sources may not provide enough quantity or variety of amino acids to offer substantial, complete protein! That is why fermented organic vegan proteins+ includes 20g of protein per serving, from 7 plant-based protein sources:  spirulina, alfalfa, mung bean sprouts, quinoa sprouts, pea protein isolate, hemp and brown rice- all of which are fully fermented, making them more absorbable than other protein supplements on the market. In short: fermentation maximizes protein & nutrient absorption!

Skip the bloat! You don’t want your protein slowing you down, but if you’re having issues digesting it, experiencing gas and bloating, then it’s doing just that. Who wants to roll out a mat in a hot yoga class with a puffy-feeling gut? The unfortunate reality is that many protein supplements cause bloating, and plant-sourced proteins are notorious for being hard-to-digest. This is because components of seeds, beans and legumes act as natural defense mechanisms to ensure survival of the plant. These “anti-nutrients” are very effective: physical and chemical features that lock valuable nutrients inside and wreak havoc on your digestive processes, leading to gas and bloating.

Fermentation helps you out by breaking down and disarming these “anti-nutrients,” unlocking the full nutritional potential! The traditional fermentation process in fermented vegan proteins+ makes the proteins readily available, and highly absorbable. It also ensures that anti-nutrients are broken down so your digestive system doesn’t get a work-out, just potent plant-powered protein to fuel yours!

Shape up your gut! There is an added benefit to choosing fermented protein powder – you get the added benefit of supporting your gut health! Fermented supplements “prime” the gut to receive nutrition, by helping to nourish a healthy gut lining so you get more out of your overall nutrition!

Enjoy your protein! You don’t need to deal with chalky, gritty or overly sweet protein powders, or flavour-enhancing ingredients that can cause other issues. Some proteins are sweetened with erythritol, a type of wood alcohol that has been linked to GI upset, or inulin, a type of indigestible fibre that can lead to digestive upset, too! Look for a protein powder that uses natural sweeteners that don’t hurt your tummy AND provide health benefits, too. fermented vegan proteins+ is sweetened with a blend of stevia and monk fruit, which won’t cause GI upset or raise your blood sugar, and comes in 4 delicious, smooth flavours that fit right in with your favorite smoothie and work just as well mixed with water.

Take it with you! Emerging from winter hibernation gets us more out-and-about. That is when the convenience of protein bars come in! Both fermented vegan proteins+ and fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ are available in bars – with a wide variety of flavours to suit every taste. Easily-digested, maximum absorption and all the gut health benefits with fermented protein all in a convenient bar.

Only fermented vegan proteins+ from Genuine Health delivers potent, plant-powered protein with gut benefits and NO bloat – the ultimate nourishment for your Spring activities!

Genuine Health fermented organic vegan proteins+

About the Author: Genuine Health Team


Genuine Health believes that we should all have a vibrant, healthy life, and that a well-nourished body is the best way to get there. They work with renowned scientists and professionals at leading institutions and a panel of esteemed health experts, including researchers and doctors of natural and traditional medicine to back their formulas with research and clinically proven ingredients. Learn more at