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Silver can Save your School Year

It’s once again the start of a new school year, which is an exciting time to rekindle your love of learning and reconnect with the friends you haven’t seen in three months.  Everyone will be catching up and sharing their fun summer adventure stories.  However, that’s not the only thing shared during this time of the year.  It also means sharing bus seats, desks, computers, and gym lockers with fellow classmates and friends who feel under the weather and don’t want to fall behind.  They may not get behind in their schoolwork, but they may be sharing whatever illness they have with you.


No matter the season, maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the most important jobs for your body. We encounter millions of germs every day, many with the potential to keep us from living an active lifestyle. There’s been an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria in recent years, which means these germs can be very aggressive and difficult for the immune system to defend against. Our immune system is the body’s defense against enemy cells. Its job is to recognize and destroy foreign invaders (bad cells), while preserving healthy cells (good cells).


Don’t let the close quarters and shared computers at school leave you or your family sharing sickness instead of a walk or drive through the beautiful color-changing leaves. It is important to proactively arm yourself by incorporating natural health products backed by independent research and proven results into your daily routine.  Introducing the Silver Biotics® family of products, clinically proven in the US over the last 20 years to help keep you and your family healthy and strong despite what surrounds you.
Silver Biotics Trace Element Silver Supplement is the perfect, daily way to support your Immune System. It contains our powerful SilverSol Technology® to give your body a boost, so that it can do its job keeping you strong and healthy for all your daily adventures.  It is all natural, gluten free, and safe for the whole family. Also, unlike other silver supplements, it has been proven through independent research that Silver Biotics Trace Element Silver Supplement will to not harm your probiotics.  This means it can safely be taken every day without harming your gut health, a key element of a healthy and happy immune system.  Backed by over 420 independent major reports and studies, Silver Biotics Trace Element Silver Supplement is the proven leader in safe and effective immune support.


Silver Biotics Trace Element Silver Supplement is also available in an incredible new form called Silver Biotics Silver Lozenges, where it is combined synergistically with manuka honey and all of the benefits that come with it.  Combining two such super-powered immune supporting ingredients in one lozenge has never been done before, and the results are life changing.  They work in tandem to soothe a sore throat and help support the immune system.


All of our Silver Biotics products are non-toxic and also play well with other supplements you may like, so it can easily be added to your routine without any worry of negative interactions.


Your skin is also an important component in protecting your body, and let’s face it – we all want healthy looking skin. We carefully formulated our Silver Biotics® products to work triple duty by beautifying and protecting, while promoting healing.  Our fast absorbing skin care products use our patented SilverSol Technology® to naturally promote healing, leaving your skin looking and feeling amazing.


The Silver Biotics Antimicrobial Skin Cream brings skin care to a whole new level.  It is an all-natural and organically formulated skin cream that provides a layer of antimicrobial protection for your skin.  It helps moisturize, protect, and beautify the skin, all while leaving it feeling silky smooth.  The ingredient panel reads like a lineup of A-list ingredient celebrities, including coconut oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid.  You’ll also notice that it doesn’t contain any of the bad actors like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and harsh preservatives.  It is available in unscented and essential oil scented varieties.


Another amazing skin protecting product is Silver Biotics Armor Gel, an antimicrobial first-aid gel for wounds that effectively kills bacteria, fungus and yeast. It quickly soothes, and won’t stain, stick, sting or burn.  Armor Gel wound care provides a protective layer, or “armor”, allowing the body to heal itself faster.  It will also give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve given your family the best protection – so that you can all keep going strong.