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Set a healthy foundation for the winter months

Autumn is a time to be more mindful of our health as we prepare for Winter. As the leaves change their colour and form to adapt to the winter months, our cells also need to adapt to the changing seasons by shredding and renewing. Our body comprises of trillions of cells, and Schuessler Tissue Salts are the cell supporters. It is therefore crucial to include Schuessler Tissue salts in your health regime as they are the cell food and support that will set a healthy foundation as we prepare our bodies for the winter months.

Tissue Salts are micro dosed minerals, which stimulate cell metabolism, provide the cells with minerals, and ensure that the nutrients, which the body consumes through diet, are evenly distributed and properly absorbed. They are broken down within the mouth mucosa rather than via our digestive system making them pre-digested to enhance the absorption and rapid effectiveness.

Popular crude minerals in the natural health channel, such as magnesium and silica, have similar properties to Schuessler micro minerals, however unlike tissue salts, crude minerals fill the body’s reserves.

Tissue Salts assist with the correct distribution of crude minerals in the body to alleviate imbalances. Many people may take crude minerals such as Magnesium, which should relieve cramping, pain and even sugar cravings. If the benefits of Magnesium are not seen or felt, it doesn’t necessarily mean the magnesium is ineffective; it could be the result of the Magnesium ions not being distributed where they need to be. Mag Phos in the Tissue Salt range supports the Magnesium to be delivered to where it needs to be in the body.

Why doesn’t the crude mineral distribute correctly in the body?
Your gut may be acidic, or you may already be taking several supplements and prescriptive medications that are all dependent on your digestive tract to perform its duties. Your cells need to have the right balance of all 12 Schuessler identified minerals to support absorption in the liver and the digestive tract.

How do Tissue Salts help to correctly distribute the nutrients?
Tissue Salts mimic the way our food is chewed and is delivered to the organs of our body. This is the way Tissue Salts impact every cell in the body from the moment they land in our mouth. They are activated to support the delivery of the mineral to the cells of our body.

It’s time to reap all the benefits of your healthy choices
My clients often inform me that they don’t need anything as they are eating organic food. Eating organic food is great but will not rectify an over-acidic gut, nor will it assist with your bloating or digestive juices being activated. Adding Tissue Salts will activate your cells to ensure that the expensive organic food you are buying is well absorbed each time you eat.

Over the years I am asked the same questions about dosage, “why can I not take one dose or all doses at once? Why do I need to take them four times each day?”

As Tissue Salts are micro dosed minerals they need to be taken at least 4 x per day to support your cells throughout the day. They become the internal navigation point for everything that is eaten and swallowed. Distributing the nutrition to where it needs to be in the body.

What do I recommend for overall health and energy levels?
There are 12 Tissue Salts that the body requires to continue supporting our cells. Comb 12 is a combination of all the 12 micro dosed minerals in one chewable tablet or spray taken 4 x per day and is a good starting point when trying to decide which Tissue Salt is best for you. Stay on Comb 12 for at least a month and then take note of your symptoms and they will guide you to the Tissue Salt that is most suitable for you.

I look back now and wonder how empty my life would have been if I hadn’t taken that first Tissue Salt over 25 years ago. Thanks Kali Phos for the impact you have had on my life and inspired me to share it with thousands of clients over the years around the world.

Tissue Salts recharge, rebuild and reboot your cells to behave in a way that supports ongoing inner health and wellbeing.

By Susan Gianevsky – Health Educator/ International Health Speaker

About the Author: Susan Gianevsky

Susan Gianevsky

Susan is passionate about seeing women reach their health potential. She has formal qualifications in both education and homeopathy, specialising in mineral therapy, and over 25 years experience in private practice, inspiring everyone she meets on the importance of mind and body balance.