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Rest, Recover and Recharge

Rest, Recover and Recharge

We see it everywhere–news reports, social media posts and scientific studies all promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle[i]. The evidence is plentiful, confirming that bodies (and minds) that are in motion, tend to stay in motion, whether through an active social life, hobbies, fitness classes, or simply a work-life balance packed to the brim with things-to-do. Of course, one can certainly have too much of a good thing, and even the most rewarding daily routine can, over time, begin to wear away the foundation of good health, impacting everything from our energy levels and muscular performance to our immune system[ii],[iii]. That’s why it’s equally important to make time for adequate rest and recovery. However, when we need to go beyond a healthy diet, there are natural support options like Sisu’s Ester-C® Energy Boost™.

Each serving of this great-tasting, easy-to-mix powder contains one thousand milligrams of Ester-C, a non-acidic form of vitamin C that’s easier to digest than the typical ascorbic acid-form[iv], and clinically-proven to deliver a full twenty-four hours of immune system support[v]. Energy Boost also contains a full complement of B vitamins for stress and energy support, and an electrolyte blend to help combat dehydration and keep you moving in the right direction. Unlike many other energy drinks that often rely on massive amounts of sugar, caffeine or other stimulants to have an effect[vi], Energy Boost is caffeine-free, with each packet containing only six grams of sugar and twenty-nine calories. Simply pour a packet into your bottle of water and it’ll be there, whenever and wherever you need it.

If you’d like to spend less time sitting on the sidelines and more time getting out and enjoying a full, active lifestyle, be sure to rest, recover, and recharge with Sisu’s Ester-C® Energy Boost™.

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Sisu Ester-C Energy Boost

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Sisu is committed to helping Canadians find their perfect balance. Their ever-expanding line of natural health products is driven by innovative, clinically-validated ingredients and industry-leading environmental awareness. Learn more at