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Reducing Everyday Stressors in Your Life

Reducing Everyday Stressors in Your Life

Has life always been this stressful? Everything from job security and school closures to product shortages and price increases combine to have a big impact. It seems like there is hardly a minute to breathe before more stress takes your breath away.

It is hard to find a simple, straightforward solution when stress comes from so many different sources. So, just as the individual stressors build up, you can implement several strategies to help reduce your stress. Lifestyle adjustments and healthy habits can help you resist stress. Let’s look at a few that might work for you.

  • Identify Stress Triggers
  • Exercise
  • Eat Healthy
  • Sleep Well
  • Natural Supplement Support

Identify Stress Triggers

Take some time (alone) to consider specific sources of your stress. Write down everything you think might contribute, even a little. Work? Home? Relationships? Finances? Consider this a living document. Add to the list as things come up and cross things off as you solve the issues. Fix what you can, delegate what’s possible, and do deep breathing exercises to cope with the rest.


Getting your heart rate up can help decrease stress. Approach exercise from the “half a loaf is better than none” point of view. Do something. Keep moving. Doing something is better than doing nothing. If you wish you could go to the gym for an hour, but you can’t, at least take the stairs. Every step counts. (And don’t stress over not getting enough exercise!!!)

Eat Healthy

Stress can make you reach for… unhealthy choices. While the idea of fries and a milkshake might feel like they will reduce your stress, healthy foods do make you feel better. Look at your “go-to stress foods” and plan their replacements for when you feel stressed. A healthy eating plan is much easier to follow when you do not try to create it when you feel the most stressed. A healthy, vitamin and mineral-rich diet can reduce the negative effects of stress.

Sleep Well

Restful sleep makes it easier to handle stressful situations. Being tired never gave anyone more patience, focus or problem-solving skill. As you follow a regular sleep routine, it calms your body, helps regulate your moods, improves concentration, and sharpens your judgment. When you sleep well, you are a better problem solver and can better cope with stress.

Natural Supplement Support

Natural supplements can help balance stress hormones, lower anxiety levels and help sleep issues. Ashwagandha, magnesium, and maca are ideal natural supplements for stress support. They complement each other during stressful periods.

Ashwagandha – An adaptogenic, medicinal herb with stress-lowering effects, Ashwagandha effectively reduces mental stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, and even stress-related food cravings! Health First Ashwagandha Supreme is formulated with KSM-66 Ashwagandha®, an organic, non-GMO, concentrated root extract.

Magnesium – Constant stress depletes your body of magnesium, and it’s hard to know when you’re deficient. Watch for headaches, muscle spasms, difficulty sleeping, and body odour. Health First Magnesium Supreme Extra Strength contains bioavailable magnesium essential for managing stress. Take it at bedtime to relax your muscles and improve sleep.

Maca  – Historically, warriors ate maca for nourishment and to improve their energy for long battles. More recently, this starchy root vegetable’s popularity in modern supplements supports women’s and men’s health, libido and energy, typical during stressful periods. Health First Maca supports energy and balances hormones so that you can face the stress of another day.

Daily stressors continue to take a toll on your physical and mental health. Support your health with these tips to reduce the stress you feel.

Health First Supplements for Stress Support

About the Author: Health First Network


Health First Network is Canada’s leading membership group for independent health & wellness retailers and the exclusive supplier of the premium Health First supplement brand. There are over 130 independently owned and operated retail Members across the country. Click here to learn more about Health First.