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Protecting our Microbiome

Protecting our Microbiome

The moment we leave the womb, our journey with micro-organisms and bacteria begins. And those little buggers are EVERYWHERE.

They’re in the soil, on your skin, the food you eat, and pretty much anywhere else you look too. In fact, there are trillions of microbes just in your own gut, making up what is known as the microbiome. If any of that concerns you, it shouldn’t. Without the good bacteria, we couldn’t live, let alone thrive.

In fact, the microbiome is the new frontier of discovery in health and well being, proving to be at the very root of digestive and cardiovascular health, proper immune response, even mental functioning, mood, and more.

The discovery of the microbiome’s importance couldn’t come at a better time because, in this day and age, our biome is not naturally thriving, which is why we need to bring in extra help. That’s where probiotics come into the equation — a way to re-establish a thriving biome from the inside out.

What makes a probiotic the right one for the job?

First of all, a prerequisite is that the probiotics you take are, well, alive. Sadly, for you, for those little bacteria, and your wallets — not all are. By the time they pass the stomach acid and reach their destination, many conventional probiotics are no more.

Secondly, more is not better. When Kaneka, who we teamed up with, tested dosages, they found there to be Goldilocks amount when it comes to probiotics. Even 2 or 3 times more probiotics had no greater effect (other than costing you more).

Lastly, they have to be not just the right species but, the right strains and combinations.

Not only does every strain have a different function, but some strains are the Porsches of the probiotic world, while others are the Pintos. And just like driving a pinto, if we’re not careful, it can seriously backfire; because one strain will help a problem like IBS while another strain, even within the same species, will actually make it worse.

Without proper knowledge and proof, we’re just playing Russian roulette when it comes to what effect a probiotic will have on us, whether positive, negative or nada!

So how do you know you’re taking the right probiotics?

There’s only one sure fire way — Proper testing in-house testing on specific strains in exact amounts, backed by a ton of clinical research, which actually shows symptom relief for specific conditions.

And this brings us to our new line of Probiotics.

PURICA Probiotics

We are excited to now offer four synergistic Probiotic formulas. Each one a proprietary blend of individual strains for individual needs carefully designed and thoroughly tested for a specific purpose:

  • PURICA’S Probiotic Digest
  • Probiotic Intensive G.I.
  • Probiotic Mature Immune Defense
  • Probiotic Cardio
  • Probiotic Baby Colic 

All our probiotic formulas are:

  • Heat stable and don’t need refrigeration
  • Vegan and derived from indigenous human strains and cultures
  • Proprietary combinations of strains found no where else
  • Designed to help your microbiome flourish, so you can flourish in the different areas you need

Your gut will thank you.
Your immune system will thank you.
Your cardiovascular system will thank you.
Your mind will thank you.
Newborns and new parents will thank you.
Everything else a healthy microbiome helps will thank you.
And, of course, those trillions of happy beneficial microbes you’re populating your gut with will thank you too.

We’re excited to help put the right ones back in there, and see you thrive.

Now when was the last time you stopped to thank those tiny bacteria for all they do? No better time than now. They’re listening, all 100 trillion of them.

PURICA Probiotics

About the Author: PURICA Team


PURICA is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in medicinal mushrooms. PURICA is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care” and their products are inspired by Nature, skillfully formulated natural and whole food products solidly backed by science.