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Potato Chip Lovers Unite!

Potato Chip Lovers Unite!

Canadian success stories are always a great read, especially family-run businesses. Covered Bridge Potato Chips are exactly that.

The Albright Family Potato Farm began more than 90 years ago when Covered Bridge Potato Chips President & Founder Ryan Albright’s, Great Grampy Aubrey planted his first potatoes. As young entrepreneurs’ brothers Ryan and Matt Albright started their own potato brokerage company and by 2005, they purchased the family farm from their father Wayne. Today Albright Farm’s grow more than 500 acres of potatoes to keep our factory pipeline full. It is there that we can carry on an old family tradition with our delicious kettle cooked potato chips. Each batch is cooked with care like Great Grammy Lela made them on her wood fired pot belly stove.

It was in 2009 that Covered Bridge Potato Chips was founded, and Ryan and Matt decided to take over separate parts of the business. As the natural salesman, Ryan began to pursue the new chip business and Matt chose to operate and grow the family potato farm. In the early days Ryan would load up his Toyota Corolla and drive anywhere and everywhere to get people to sample his chips. Through a lot of determination and passion he was able to grow the business, adding key players over the years to get us where we are today.

The Covered Bridge factory is in New Brunswick, Canada. Located specifically in Hartland which is the Home of the Longest Covered Bridge in the World. It is at this factory that the homegrown dark russet potatoes arrive from Albright’s Farm, are washed twice and then sliced and dumped into 4 giant kettles. After 6 minutes of cooking and a trip through the centrifuge to remove excess oil (making the chips less greasy), they are seasoned and dropped into bags. From there they are palletized and shipped to stores across Canada and into parts of the US.

Covered Bridge chips are bursting with flavour and crunch that will keep you coming back for more. They use dark russet potatoes that offer a higher natural sugar content which gives the chips a golden to dark brown colour. These chips are perfect for snacking by themselves, with dips, or as a tasty addition to any charcuterie board. No matter the event you can be sure that these chips will be a hit! All Covered Bridge products are Certified Gluten Free, free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours ensuring you are getting a product you can depend on. Covered Bridge believes that simple ingredients and unique flavours are the recipe for the perfect chip. Grown local. Made local. By locals.

Covered Bridge Potato Chips