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Navigating your microbiome – our gut universe

Probiotics are beneficial microbes that offer multiple health benefit to humans. They are often taken as dietary supplements, and in fermented and cultured foods to help make our digestion run smoothly. Probiotics are in and on us, in what we refer to as our microbiome. They are in the forest air, the dirt at the farm, and in the water at the lake, too.

The diversity of our microbiomes is diminishing with each passing generation. This is in large part because we interact so much less with forest air, farm dirt and lake water, and because we kill off these great bugs every time we take medicine, eat fast food, and sanitize our living space. One of the main reasons probiotic supplements are so popular is that this lack of diversity and interaction with nature is connected to many modern ills, and we hope to mitigate that risk.

A 2017 review of 45 major probiotic studies concluded that probiotic consumption amongst healthy adults can improve immune, gastrointestinal, and female reproductive health. The studies unanimously concluded that probiotics improve the concentration of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics can even help us achieve bowel movements that resemble that cute, smiley poop emoji. Well, those are not quite the words from the study…but you get the idea. Probiotics can digest some of the otherwise undigestible fibre in your sushi roll and foster a healthy gut environment, having a positive impact on several health outcomes.

Another ‘bug’ has been shown to help kids and adults take antibiotics without suffering from diarrhea. Human studies show it also reduces the risk of traveler’s diarrhea and supports overall gastrointestinal health. We recommend taking probiotics, specifically for any trip abroad or to the hospital.

There are specific probiotic strains geared towards women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Clinical studies show probiotics maintain and support a favourable balance of both gut and vaginal microbiota, which is ideal for pregnancy. They also support women on antibiotic therapy after C section to have healthier gut and vaginal flora and avoid the resulting diarrhea that can be especially uncomfortable and painful after a caesarean section.

It’s clearly important to support vaginal and urinary health, and having clinical studies confirm probiotics to be a major help to women at this unique and precious time is extremely significant.

People seek out Flora’s convenient shelf-stable formulas like Complete Care or Women’s Care, knowing they will support digestive and immune health on the go and that Flora has put them through rigorous testing to know how they will behave when left at room temperature. People familiar with Flora’s most popular formulas, the Adult Probiotic, and Super 8 know they provide powerful digestive support. Both have been found to provide live microorganisms that contribute to a natural healthy intestinal flora.

What many people may not know is that Flora thoroughly tested 95 different Lactobacillus Acidophilus strains before choosing the one for Super 8, based on its ability to survive digestion, act against pathogens, and adhere to the lining of the digestive tract. They love to get to know these strains intimately. After all, what’s more intimate than asking something to live in your gut?

It’s clear probiotics are legitimate stars! Our microbiomes are like galaxies within a massive universe, and every probiotic star is like one point of light. Understanding the whole microbiological universe is a huge endeavour, so we are working one shiny microbe at a time. We must discover all we can about each fascinating star and continue to explore all the rest of what there is yet to be revealed.




About the Author: Flora Health


Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd. was established in 1965 and is headquartered in Burnaby, BC. Flora is a privately owned nutraceutical manufacturer known for high quality whole food supplements, full-spectrum botanical extracts, unrefined seed oils, and European health tonics. Learn more at