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Natural, vibrant, long lasting hair colour

Are you one of a fast-growing group of women who wants to “do the right thing” when it comes to your beauty care choices, but is completely bewildered by the plethora of so-called natural cosmetics flooding the market these days? Well, here is some good news for your hair color…

What is herbal hair colouring?
There are many natural ways to color your hair instead of using chemically infused products, especially some that may cause skin irritations. One great alternative is to enhance your hair color with a vegetal base hair coloring product.

Herbal hair colorings are formulated with herb extracts to help gently deposit color without damaging your hair. The colors help you achieve vibrant and natural-looking results without the harmful aftermath that regular permanent hair colors can cause. They do not dry out your hair; instead they leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Traditional hair dyes
Traditional hair dyes contain potentially harmful chemicals such as ammonia, the ingredient that conventional dye formulas use to penetrate the hair cuticle and deposit color. It has the potential to severely damage and weaken the hair, which is why people with sensitive strands might find herbal hair dye to be a better, healthier option.

The most Natural alternative for beautiful hair!
Herbatint® is a unique permanent hair coloring gel enriched with 8 organic herbal extracts. It is FREE OF ammonia, resorcinol, alcohol, parabens and fragrance and contains a very low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Its formula is the only one that has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Herbatint® gives the hair a very natural color, covers 100% grey hair from the first application and can lighten up to 2 tones.

Herbatint® contains fewer chemicals than other permanent hair colours on the market and unlike products, which contain ammonia, it has no smell once mixed. The absence of ammonia results in little or no penetration of the epidermis. Therefore, people tend to have less allergic reactions. A lot of people are under the misconception that the danger lies in the penetration of colour into the scalp. The truth of the matter is, it is the inhalation of toxic fumes, which can be harmful. With Herbatint®, there are no toxic fumes!

Instead of ammonia, Herbatint® utilizes plant-based alkaline such as Cinchona, Chinese Rhubarb and Black Walnut. This result in no structural damage to the hair shaft and far less color fade. The hair feels softer to the touch and looks shinier.

All permanent hair colorants have to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide; otherwise the color would wash out immediately. However, because Herbatint® contains highly pure organic color pigments that are of very small molecular structure, they require very low volumes of peroxide for opening the cuticle. Herbatint®’s oxidizing developer contains just 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is the lowest percentage in the market and is comparable with mouthwash.

The other benefit of having such a low hydrogen peroxide level also means that the cuticles are able to close completely and leave the hair very smooth. Other products on the market contain silicone fillers to make the hair feel smooth even though the cuticle has not closed completely.

Herbatint® has a natural translucent property, which provides your hair with natural gloss and shine. This natural translucence infuses your hair with a light-reflecting, healthy shine.

Herbatint® is a carefully balanced formula. Decades of experience and research have refined the synergy between the herbal color and the synthetic chemical ingredients, allowing for the best possible result with the smallest amount of chemicals.

Treat yourself to true natural coloration!


About the Author: Herbatint


Herbatint has always been the most natural alternative in the field of permanent colouring. Their products have been inspired by nature and the well-being of women for over 40 years. To learn more about Herbatint, please visit