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Natural Solutions to Reduce Stress

Natural Solutions to Reduce Stress

Have you ever wondered why, when you’re feeling stressed, your heart starts to race, you feel agitated, and it’s tough to think clearly? This stress-response is called “fight or flight”, and it’s the body’s way of helping us survive a stressful situation, like being chased by a lion, for example.

When we’re stressed, the body releases hormones from the adrenal glands called cortisol and epinephrine (aka adrenaline). These hormones re-direct blood flow toward the heart, lungs and large muscles, and away from digestive organs and areas of the brain used for critical thinking and memory.

The “fight or flight” response would be very helpful if we were actually come face-to-face with a lion. The problem is that the body can’t tell the difference between a lion and other stressors, so this response is activated every time we’re overwhelmed at work, running late, or stuck in traffic.

When we’re faced with stress on a daily basis, the body thinks we’re being chased by a lion all the time. This is why chronic stress can contribute to a long list of health conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, weight gain, weakened immune system, heart attack and stroke.

Ideally, we would avoid stress altogether. Realistically, we know that stress an inescapable part of life, so the best way to limit the negative impacts of stress is to support the way our body responds to stress. Focusing on self-care, meditation, sleep, and exercise are helpful coping tools, but some people may benefit from additional support, especially if we have been feeling stressed for a long period of time.

Supplementation can help the body cope with, and recover from, stress more effectively than we may be able to achieve on our own. It is important to choose a supplement that promotes relaxation in the short-term, while providing adrenal and hormonal support for long-term stress coping. STRESS-FX by Healthology is a complete formula that improves both the short and long-term aspects of the stress response, resulting in an effective solution for stress management.

STRESS-FX contains GABA, plus calming herbs, to reduce nervousness and promote relaxation. It contains L-Theanine to alleviate anxiety and improve mood. STRESS-FX lowers cortisol, our primary stress hormone, and helps to revitalize the adrenal glands using rhodiola and ashwaghanda.

Rhodiola is an herb that lowers cortisol levels to regulate our stress response. Cortisol regulation helps us avoid the “fight or flight” mode, so that the body can focus on keeping us healthy, instead of worrying about running from a lion. In this way, rhodiola helps the body to heal from injury, regulate digestion and sleep, and supports mental clarity and memory.

Ashwhaghanda also regulates cortisol levels, especially over the long term. It is used to support the adrenal glands after going through a period of prolonged stress, helping to restore regular adrenal function and a healthy cortisol rhythm for the long term.

L-Theanine reduces stress-related symptoms by targeting glutamate receptors in the brain, which stimulates the release of our feel-good hormones: GABA, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones improve low mood and anxiety, balance mood, and help us to feel good, even under stress.

GABA is beneficial because acts quickly to help us feel calm. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, meaning it acts like a “stop button” that takes us out of “fight or flight” mode and puts back into a relaxed state.

Passionflower, Skullcap and Schisandra are nervine herbs, meaning they alleviate feelings of nervousness and agitation, helping us to feel calm and grounded, even under stress.

STRESS-FX does not contain sedating ingredients that could cause grogginess or fatigue. It also does not contain stimulating ingredients that could cause restlessness and insomnia.

STRESS-FX provides research-driven doses of its ingredients for optimal efficacy. It contains KSM-66, a high concentration extract of the most biologically active components of the Ashwagandha herb, providing a greater benefit to the body than other formulations. STRESS-FX is non-GMO, vegan-friendly and priority allergen-free.

STRESS-FX is a balanced formula that promotes calmness, supports mood, and regulates our stress hormones. It lowers anxiety, improves memory and concentration, and improves sleep. STRESS-FX supports to body’s stress response to help us manage stress in a healthier way.

Healthology STRESS-FX

About the Author: Healthology


At Healthology, they are ‘Building A Healthier You’. As a proud Canadian company, their products help improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians coast to coast. They believe that your health is in your hands and that you need to take control and nurture it. Their goal is to help you on your journey towards a long and healthy life.