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Natural Solutions for Pain and Inflammation

Natural Solutions for Pain and Inflammation

Active living people are subject to everything from bumps and bruises to strains and sprains, not to mention the common adversity of sore joints and stiff muscles. It’s part of the code of being a fitness-conscious person, weekend warrior or any kind of performance personality. Protracted periods of injury and pain are obviously best avoided simply because of how taxing they can be; physically, mentally and even emotionally.

The key for any of us – no matter the level of physical activity we are accustomed to – is how our body recovers in these circumstances. The good news is that we can all at least increase the chances of having an expedient and successful recovery by adopting a holistic approach that brings together all of the tools that we can use to fight pain and inflammation. These include purposeful adjustments in nutritional diet, lifestyle (including sleep and rest), and the right supplementation. In general, anything that keeps stress in check is helpful when it comes to containing inflammation, optimizing our immune system and our capacity to heal.

Getting to the root cause of pain is the mantra behind PURICA natural supplementation, and it’s perhaps best exemplified in two formulations: PURICA Recovery – the company’s flagship product originally developed more than 21 years ago — and PURICA Recovery 3.0, the next generation product featuring curcumin.

Working in tandem with proper nutrition and exercise, the original PURICA Recovery can enhance your cellular health and the very framework of your body formed by epithelial, connective, muscular and skeletal tissue.

It works in two specific ways. First, it increases the cell’s receptivity to anabolic (building) compounds such as insulin and thyroid hormone. Second, it reduces catabolic (destroying) action due to oxidation.  This two-pronged impact makes Recovery more than just a band-aid that masks the problem, potentially leading to further degeneration of the tissues.

PURICA Recovery features Nutricol® bioflavanoid concentrate, the proprietary blend of green tea and grape seed polyphenols recognized for their properties as antioxidants and inflammation modulators. Extra Strength Recovery contains MSM, vegan-sourced glucosamine hydrochloride, betaine HCL, vitamin C and an organic hyperberry formula made up of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and cranberry, along with vegan hyaluronic acid, magnesium and natural vitamin E. These ingredients allow Recovery to treat the root of the problem; halting the damage that leads to discomfort. It improves digestion, enhances quality of sleep and strengthens the protective mucosal surface integrity of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.

Meanwhile, PURICA Recovery 3.0 works very similarly by combating inflammation by reducing cortisol and c-reactive protein levels, both of which are typically triggered by stress. With Curcumin 30% BDMC as one of its signature ingredients, it delivers stress relief, serves as an anti-catabolic by healing damage at the cellular level and helps to control electrolyte balance. By addressing sleeplessness, irritability, and lack of concentration, it further supports the body’s natural recovery and repair functions.

The other key ingredients in PURICA Recovery 3.0 are the organic medicinal mushroom chaga and the organic herb ashwagandha (Sensoril). These two ingredients are very important in supporting our adrenal glands and bringing the body back into balance after chronic stress, which heavily taxes our adrenals. Given that our adrenals are responsible for every physiological process in our bodies, this benefit is so important in ensuring a prompt recovery, not to mention returning our energy levels back to optimal. With better energy comes better moods and better overall health.

Add in the Hylauronic Acid that has been synonymous with the original PURICA Recovery, along with Magnesium, Vitamin C and Applephenon (70% polyphenols) and Recovery 3.0 is an extremely effective and potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic formulation.

Much of the pain and inflammation relief comes from the potent concentration of the 30% BDMC (bisdesmethoxycurcumin). Curcumin is the active compound in the turmeric root that is known for its brilliant antioxidant qualities.  Standard curcumin extract typically contains 1% of the BDMC, compared to the 30% found in the bioBDM30 found in Recovery 3.0. The other key is that it combats inflammation from not one but two target markers; MSK1 (mitogen-and stress-activated protein kinase 1) and KF-KB (Nuclear Factor Kappa-B). Regular curcumin only inhibits it from one; the NF-KB. The exceptionally high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of 565,000 helps to also reduce oxidative damage to the cells.

It’s little wonder that Recovery 3.0 has quickly become synonymous with the rapid relief and optimal performance it is associated with, especially among active living people who want to do everything they can to keep on doing the things they love doing.

PURICA Recovery and Recovery 3.0

About the Author: PURICA Team


PURICA is a Canadian wellness company that specializes in medicinal mushrooms. PURICA is the coming together of “Pure” and “Care” and their products are inspired by Nature, skillfully formulated natural and whole food products solidly backed by science.