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Microbial Cleansing -What you Need to Know About Parasites

No one wants to talk about them, no one wants to think about them, and we certainly don’t want to know that they may be inside of us, but the truth is, you may be harbouring a parasite.

A parasite is an organism living in, or on another organism, obtaining nourishment and protection while offering no benefit in return.

Parasites are often harmful to the body and can cause illness and disease. Symptoms may include: abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain or tenderness etc. [1]

Contrary to popular belief, parasites don’t just come from abroad, we can get them close to home as well. They can be found in the water we drink, the food we eat, and even in the air we breathe. We can pick them up as easily as walking barefoot in the sand, gardening without gloves on, eating undercooked meats, contaminated fruits and vegetables or by drinking unclean water. We can also get them from insects, pets, and contact with someone who already has an unfriendly visitor. 1

By now, you may be squirming in your seat and wondering what parasite cleanse you should do in case this unsavoury situation arises. ParaGONE® by Renew Life® is a powerful, easy to take, 2-part kit that contains multiple anti-fungal herbs and extracts that are proven to eliminate parasites from the body and improve digestive function. Since most people will have at least one parasite residing in their body, performing ParaGONE is suggested.

ParaGONE Part I vegetable capsules contain a mixture of unique herbal ingredients that are used in Herbal Medicine to expel parasites or intestinal worms, including wormwood leaf, quassia wood, garlic bulb, and thyme leaf.

ParaGONE Part II is a liquid tincture that includes nature’s vermifuge wormwood leaf and stem, along with black walnut hulls, clove bud, marshmallow root, and orange peel.

It is important to increase your water and fibre intake to help with the cleansing process and keep your body hydrated.

Parasites are a part of life, but taking care of yourself, supporting your immune system, doing a parasite cleanse and reducing your exposure can diminish your chances of contracting these unwanted guests.


[1] Myers, A. Dr. 10 Signs You May Have A Parasite. Available: Last accessed 4 Sep 19.




About the Author: Renew Life Team


Our team of Digestive Care experts is committed to empowering Canadians to achieve optimal health every day. Since 2002, the Renew Life Team has been dedicated to educating the public about digestive health, cleansing, nutrition, and well-being. As leaders in the natural health field, we go the extra mile to ensure we are delivering valuable resources and helpful information to inspire better health and well-being for your entire family. Learn more at