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Make this your healthiest winter yet!

We know that wintertime presents a higher likelihood to develop a cold and flu than any other time. Whilst we may think that we have mastered the skill of keeping warm during these colder months, mastering the art of staying healthy isn’t quite as easy.

The things that most of us know we should be doing to stay healthy…

  • Eating whole food diets
  • Keeping our exercise routine
  • Avoiding over consumption of alcohol
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep per night

But sometime the alluring need for starchy comfort foods and staying rugged up inside instead at the gym or in the fresh air can just be too tempting!

Firstly, there are simple changes we can make that will support our immunity without making us feel like we must take leaps and bounds to stay healthy.

Limit dairy and sugars, these are inflammatory ingredients. An inflamed body is the most desirable house for illness. Fill up on green and orange vegetables which will help limit the need for sugars or dairy.

Fit exercise in wherever you can. If you’re struggling to get up before work or visit the gym in the dark after work, then find a solution that works for you. A 20-minute run on the treadmill or even dedicating to 50 squats a day and some stretching will be the big difference between keeping energy levels up versus feeling drained and fatigued. Movement is EVERYTHING.

If exercise isn’t happening, then sleep more. Sleep is food to our immunity. It’s the best support we can give our health. Going to bed an hour earlier can sometimes be more supportive to our immunity that half an hour in the gym.

Get out into the fresh air as much as you can. Embrace the cold! Nothing soothes our souls more than the outdoors.

Lastly, help support your body with natural supplements. This is the best time of the year to be adding supplements to your diet as we are less able to receive the diet requirements needed to boost our immunity and energy levels.

What products am I recommending this winter?

A new product recently launched by Martin & Pleasance which I have been recommending to my clients as they fall sick is KI COLD & FLU / DAY & NIGHT formula. 

I am so pleased that Martin & Pleasance have launched this unique formula which contains a blend of key herbs to boost immunity and fight colds day and night. Making recovery faster and energy levels higher by promoting a good night’s sleep.

The Ki Day formula includes Andrographis, Ginger & Zinc relieves sore throat, chesty cough, clears nasal passages, reduces fever, and shortens the duration of sickness.  These 3 herbs work in synergy to naturally reduce inflammation and are also known as potent antioxidants that reactivate inner strength to short circuit any cold.

The night time tablet contains three key herbs; Lemon Balm, Magnolia & Wild Mint which work to deliver symptomatic relief and help promote a restorative sleep

Magnolia is a staple Chinese medicine herb that helps clear nasal passages and congestion. It is also has calming properties to further support a restful sleep. Wild Mint & Lemon Balm are known to improve immunity while you sleep with its antibacterial properties targeting sore throat, cough, headaches and fatigue.

The stronger your immunity becomes the happier you will be this Winter.  There is no need to stay on Ki Day & Night when you no longer have a fever, runny nose, sore throat, rattling cough, congestion or weakness but simply go back to taking Ki Immune Defence and Energy Formula 

Winter months don’t need to be the months we fear the most but rather the time of the year where we know our health can be boosted.

Shine this Winter and enjoy!

*If you are on prescriptive medication it is best that you work in with your health professional to monitor.
by Susan Gianevsky

About the Author: Susan Gianevsky

Susan Gianevsky

Susan is passionate about seeing women reach their health potential. She has formal qualifications in both education and homeopathy, specialising in mineral therapy, and over 25 years experience in private practice, inspiring everyone she meets on the importance of mind and body balance.